What Is Falynn Guobadia Age? How Many Kids Does She Have?

Falynn Guobadia Age: On May 13, 1989, Falynn Guobadia was born in Panama City, Florida, in the United States. Her father is from Cape Verde, and her mother is from Thailand. When Falynn was six months old, her family moved her to Atlanta.

Being the second oldest of 10 siblings, Falynn grew up with them. She was given the nickname Curly because her mother had curly hair, which she inherited. Earlier, Falynn had a passion for singing.

Her uncle purchased her a karaoke system with speakers and a microphone to practice singing. She hasn’t, however, ever gained notoriety for her singing. She might be a hidden singing prodigy. Likewise, now we can see people searching for Flynn Guobadia Age.

What Is Falynn Guobadia Age?

Falynn Pina was born in Florida, United States, on May 13, 1989. As of 2022, Flynn Guobadia Age is 33 years old and a Christian who has become a naturalized citizen of the United States.

She was born under the sign of Taurus, and she currently resides in Atlanta. On the other side, Falynn’s family relocated to Atlanta when she was six months old.

How Did Falynn Guobadia Spend Her Childhood?

On May 13, 1989, Falynn Guobadia, a well-known fashion model, was born under the sign of Taurus. She was born in the American state of Georgia, in Atlanta. According to her age, Flynn Guobadia Age was 32 years old on May 13, 2021.

She is identified as a member of a blended family on her website. Falynn earned her degree from a prestigious Atlanta institution. She decided at an early age to seek a career in the entertainment sector.

After graduating from high school, Falynn Guobadia started participating in modeling contests. She is currently a well-known television personality and model.

Falynn Guobadia’s mother is Thai, and her father is Cape Verdean, according to her official website. She is hence of mixed racial and ethnic heritage. However, she refuses to give the public the names of her parents or siblings.

Falynn is the second-most established and oldest of her ten siblings, and she is also the oldest. Guobadia was brought up in Atlanta along with her cousins and siblings.

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What Is Falynn Guobadia Age?
What Is Falynn Guobadia Age?

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Who Is Falynn Guobadia Dating?

According to sources, Falynn Guobadia and Simon have been dating since 2014. After dating Simon Guobadia for five years, Falynn wed him on June 14, 2019.

Falynn and Simon were married for the second time. After two years of marriage, Falynn and her husband split in May 2021 because Simon became engaged to her friend and co-star “Porsha Williams.” The Real Housewives of Atlanta is well-known for its star Porsha Williams.

According to Falynn Guobadia’s Instagram profile, she is the mother of three sons from a prior relationship. However, she withholds much information regarding her former romantic relationships and partners.

She has three sons: Troy, Dylan, and Liam. Quentin Guobadia, Benjamin, Christian, Nicole, and Ximena are the five children from a past life that Simon is the father of. On social media, Falynn Guobadia shared many pictures of her kids.

How Many Kids Does She Have?

Guobadia’s pregnancy was announced shortly after her ex-husband Simon, 56, announced his engagement to Porsha Williams of the RHOA.

After two years of marriage, the couple recently announced that they would divorce in April 2021. Simon started dating Williams, a friend of Guobadia’s, soon after they broke up.

The eight kids Simon and Guobadia’s prior partnerships produced formed their blended family. Five children, Quentin, Nicole, Christian, Benjamin, and Ximena, all from a previous marriage, have Simon as their biological father. Guobadia never had children with Simon; her three children are from her first marriage.

Did Fallin And Jaylan Have An Affair During Their Marriage To Simon?

What Is Falynn Guobadia Age?
What Is Falynn Guobadia Age?

Image Source: whatstheirnetworth.com

Following Simon’s accusations that they were having an “affair” in June, Guobadia was observed drinking with Banks. In a picture and video that her former personal assistant shared on Banks’ Instagram Stories, the RHOA star smiled as they toasted cocktails.

In the past, Simon has made allegations that his ex-wife “cheated” with Banks and is “pregnant” with his kid. He has also shared CCTV evidence that he claims “proves” their relationship.

Guobadia initially denied that she and her new boyfriend were more than buddies. After his video was uploaded on the Instagram gossip account The Shade Room, Banks defended their friendship once more.

We are hanging together as friends, as we have for the previous two years, so why are these remarks criticizing us? It’s acceptable for a married man to be engaged while married.

He was alluding to Simon, who, despite his divorce from Guobadia wasn’t yet official, got engaged to Williams, Guobadia’s co-star, after just one month of dating her.

Guobadia and Banks’ drinks occurred barely one week after Simon posted security camera footage of them allegedly attempting to escape cameras while returning to her home while Simon was away.

According to the timing of the CCTV screenshots, Banks was seen operating a vehicle on February 14, 15, and 16 (Valentine’s Day).

This is what it looks like when Jaylan Duckworth (real name Jaylan Banks), visits my house on various days to have affairs with my wife while I’m away in Miami, Simon wrote in his essay, “When I Say I Have Receipts of a Cheating Wife.”

What Is Falynn Guobadia Net Worth?

Falynn Guobadia’s dedication to the modeling and entertainment sectors has allowed her to amass a large sum of money. According to new unzip, she has a net worth of $2.5 million and has access to that much money because of her successful careers as a model and reality television star. She also runs other side businesses for her profit, which she utilizes to augment her income.

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