Euphoria Season 3: Is Release Date Status Confirmed or Not? Cast, Trailer, Plot & More Details!

Season two of Euphoria has come to an end, and since then, we haven’t been able to stop crying.

A large audience gathered on February 28th, 2022 to watch the concluding episode of this season’s eight-part run.

For those who are mourning the loss of one of their favorite characters—mood Maddy’s swings and perfectly applied cat eye liner—HBO has given us an advance notice that season three of the show will be returning. Thankfully, we won’t have to wait long.

Euphoria’s Instagram account announced on February 4 that Jules, Maddy, Kat, Nate, Cassie, and the rest of the gang would be back for season three. Season 3 of “#EUPHORIA” has been re-ordered, according to the caption.

As HBO Vice President of Programming Francesca Orsi said in a statement, Sam and Zendaya, as well as everyone else involved in the show, “have elevated season two to extraordinary heights, pushing narrative convention and form while keeping the heart of Euphoria.”

As a team, we couldn’t be more honored or delighted to continue our journey with this wonderful, tremendously talented group.’

When Will Euphoria Season Three Be Released?

To begin, Euphoria is currently airing on HBO in the United States, as well as on Now and Sky Atlantic in the United Kingdom, so be on the lookout for new release dates for each of these platforms.

It’s also worth noting that Covid-19 delayed the release of Euphoria season two, so assuming all goes well this year, season three might arrive in 2023.

Euphoria has been HBO’s second-most-watched show since 2004 behind Game of Thrones, according to the network. Averaging 16.3 million viewers tuned in to see the second series of episodes as of February 28, episode one of Euphoria season two had reached 19 million US viewers as of February 28.

In addition, Variety reports that Euphoria has become the most-tweeted-about show of the decade (so far) in the United States, with 34 million tweets.

During the 72nd Annual Emmy Awards in 2021, Zendaya received the Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series for her work on Euphoria, and she had the best reaction we’ve ever seen:

Who Makes Up the Euphoria Season Three Cast?

Fortunately for you, Zendaya Bennett is slated to reprise her role as Rue Bennett in the upcoming season of Euphoria, along with returning cast members like Hunter Schafer (Jules), Jacob Elordi (Nate), Alexa Demie (Maddy) (Elliot).

Sweeney has said that she assumed her character will be killed off in season two of the show.

Entertainment Weekly quoted her as saying, ‘I feared that [series creator Sam Levinson] was killing me.’ ‘I thought I was going to die.’

After recalling a moment in season two in which she and Nate are driving at high speeds, she said, “The hanging out the window was just me hanging out the window.” ‘It was completely unplanned and spontaneous.

‘ However, when I first read it, I was afraid that Cassie was going to die. I was heartbroken, to say the least. After a brief flirtation between these two characters, things took a deadly turn. And that’s what happened.’

The third season of The Vampire Diaries will see Sweeney explore Cassie’s darker side, she said.

Since then, the actress has had the opportunity to play around with a little bit of Cassie’s crazy persona in a scene she had with Nate, as she previously revealed to Variety. When I first saw her, she seemed to have calmed down some. ‘I’d like to play around with more of her wild side.’

On the set of the show, Ferreira recently addressed rumors of a rift between her and Levinson. Reports claim that Ferreira and Levinson had a history of “butting heads,” while a February 2022 cover story for The Cut detailed their alleged “arguing” at the time.

Euphoria Season 3

Even though rumors of troubles have been overstated, says the actor. The fact that the news cycle has been so exciting to watch is what’s interesting about this season,’ she said in an interview with Insider. Many of the things I’ve seen have been untrue, while others have been banal. ‘I’ve seen so many different things,’ he said.

As long as I know that what I’m doing isn’t based on the truth and that I am simply doing something out of love and curiosity, it’s fine. And I joined up for it, as well. Since you have offered it to me, I’ll gladly accept. The good and the bad will be mine.’

There is a great deal to be gained from hard labor, Elordi recently told Variety.

And they’ll take care of us as if we were their children. That is my family. Sam works twice as long as I do, and Zendaya works three times as long as I do if I’m working a long shift. Everything we do, we do as a team.’

We take the health and safety of our actors and crew very seriously,’ HBO stated in its statement. All guild and safety requirements and protocols were followed to the letter in this production. For drama shows, complex shootings are not unusual, and COVID protocols add layers of complexity.

All of the unions, including SAG-AFTRA, have direct lines of contact open to us. Nobody ever bothered to do an official inquiry.”

Casey Bloys, HBO’s Chief Content Officer, told TVLine that the Emmy-winning actress’s ‘going to be in season three — it’s hard to fathom doing [the] show without her’ despite rumors that her character will be killed off at the end of season 2. This is exactly what we thought.

Though Tom Holland, Zendaya’s boyfriend, had a guest appearance in season two and has declared his desire to star in the series, it’s still unclear whether the Spider-Man star will secure a part in the forthcoming series.

During the filming of season two, the actor was seen hanging out on the set, and Zendaya has confirmed that he will appear in the show.

What Will happen in Euphoria Season Three?

We’ve left with a lot of unanswered issues following the season two conclusion. In case you missed it: While Cassie and Maddy had a major argument during Lexi’s funny show at school, Rue seemed to have forgiven Jules for telling her mother about Jules’ drug problem, and Nate has a USB disc containing all the films from his father’s sexual interactions.

Who knows how things will turn out in season three (certainly Cassie won’t be able to get over Lexi’s antics), but we’re interested in finding out if Nate’s brother, who features in family photographs throughout the series, will finally make an appearance in any episodes this year.

Similarly, we’re intrigued to see what became of Cal’s friendship with Derek, his friend, and his potential love interest. That is if Cal returns for the third season…

It remains to be seen if Fez (Angus Cloud), who was inadvertently shot by Ashtray and incarcerated at the end of season two, would make a comeback in season three. Fans of the show will recall Ashtray’s tragic death at the end of season two after he shot at the police, while Fez tried to take the credit for his crime.

Is There a Euphoria Season Three Trailer?

You won’t be seeing one for a long time. If the third season is released in early 2023, we don’t expect to see a teaser until late 2022 or early 2023.

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