Eugenia Cooney Before And After: How Did She Lose Her Weight?

Eugenia Cooney Before And After:  American YouTuber and Internet celebrity Eugenia Sullivan Cooney are well-known. Her birthday is July 27, 1994. She currently divides her time between Los Angeles, California, and Greenwich, Connecticut.

She was born in Massachusetts, though. She started her live-streaming career on the website YouNow, and in 2011 she opened her YouTube channel, which now has more than 2 million subscribers.

Cooney, well-known for her emo and gothic appearances, primarily produces content that includes clothes hauls, cosmetics tutorials, cosplay, and vlogs about her daily life. She may also frequently be seen broadcasting on Twitch. Similarly, we can now see individuals looking for Eugenia Cooney Before And After.

Eugenia Cooney Before And After

 Before Anorexia

It’s possible that Eugenia Cooney has battled anorexia for longer than we recognize because of how slim she has always been. However, pictures from her past show that things were far better than they are now. There has been a lot of curiosity about Eugenia Cooney’s weight. According to Healthy Celeb, the celebrity is believed to weigh a trim 39 kg.

 After Anorexia

Eugenia Cooney’s anorexia intensified as her physical condition deteriorated. She first exhibited no awareness of or interest in the circumstance.

She finally acknowledged her situation and asked for help. On social media recently, Eugenia Cooney’s weight has drawn a lot of comments. She looks much better than in the pictures below, which are inaccurate.

Few have, and Eugenia Cooney is one of them. She is a Boston, Massachusetts-born YouTuber who is 27 years old. Throughout her childhood, Cooney experienced a great deal of bullying, to the point where her parents were forced to educate her.

How Did Eugenia Cooney Start Her YouTube Career?

Eugenia Cooney Before And After
Eugenia Cooney Before And After

Image Source: knowyourmeme

She attributes the beginning of her YouTube career to homeschooling in her video, “How To Deal With Bullies.” It was simpler for her to post herself online because there was nothing else to do and no one nearby to judge her in person.

Cooney launched her YouTube channel in 2011, but it wasn’t until May 19, 2013, that a video titled “How to Ratchetly Twerk” helped her gain significant popularity. If you don’t know, the ratchet is slang for promiscuous activity and has associations with being physically or symbolically filthy.

Despite its title, the video is subdued and doesn’t go beyond just a dancing tutorial. Nothing about the video stood out enough for it to become popular in the days that followed. Besides Eugenia Cooney herself, that is.

Cooney has always been excessively thin, even in her early videos, which has led to claims that she has an eating disorder. Ironically, because of her delicate appearance, she became the victim of online criticism from those who thought she was ugly.

Cooney showed no signs of fear and parlayed her brief moment of popularity into a lengthy YouTube career. She now records videos in which she applies makeup, dons seasonal attire and costumes, and occasionally expresses her emotions. It is usual fodder for a YouTuber, yet hundreds of comments under each video advise Cooney to seek assistance.

How Did She Lose Her Weight?

Eugenia Cooney may have had anorexia for much longer than previously thought because of her persistent thinness. You can notice that she was in much better form back then if you look at old pictures of her and contrast them with her present-day photos.

Eugenia Cooney’s size drew a lot of attention. According to Healthy Celeb, the actress weighs a healthy 39 kg. Despite looking frail in this picture, Eugenia is actually in excellent health.

She appeared to be slender by nature, so worrying seemed premature. Cooney has a large following of admirers who find her small stature endearing and remarkable. Many people remarked on how big her clothing was and expressed their hope that she could maintain her weight.

Why Are Fans Calling On Youtube To Remove Eugenia Cooney’s Channel?

Eugenia Cooney Before And After
Eugenia Cooney Before And After

Image Source: papermag

A petition to REMOVE her channel has been signed by her followers because the “dangerously thin star promotes eating disorders.” Many social media users have signed the petition to remove Eugenia Cooney from Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitch on

In the petition, many admirers have expressed their worry that Eugenia “is underweight” and “visibly dealing with an eating disorder.” As stated in the petition: “In February 2019, Eugenia underwent a medical evaluation for her low body weight and was placed on a 5150, a 72-hour psychiatric hold, to be evaluated for her mental and physical health.

Eugenia was then admitted to the hospital for a condition that many believe to be anorexia nervosa, a fatal eating disorder with the most excellent fatality rate of any mental illness.”

“For this reason, we encourage YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, and Instagram to step in and to take an active role in temporarily removing Eugenia from those platforms until she obtains the care that she desperately needs,” the petition’s second paragraph stated.

Many others worry that Eugenia won’t survive long enough to receive therapy. By taking Eugenia off these platforms, she won’t be subjected to as many criticisms about her weight, which only serves to fuel her eating issue.

Writing: “This scenario is more than a few concerned fans who are worried about Eugenia,” supporters expressed their concern for the YouTuber and her followers.

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