Eren Yeager Season 4 Release Date Status: Is Series Confirmed This Year!

Eren Yeager, also known as Eren Jaeger in the subtitled and dubbed anime adaptations of Hajime Isayama’s Attack on Titan manga series, is the protagonist. Eren vowed vengeance after Titans devoured his mother and his village in Shiganshina, Wall Maria, was destroyed.

Eren joins the Survey Corps after he enlists in the military, an elite organization of warriors who combat Titans and study Titan physiology to better understand what they’re up against. As the game unfolds, Eren’s newfound ability to become a Titan is referred to as “Attack Titan” (, Shingeki no Kyojin). He has also appeared in various media, such as anime and video games.

Isayama portrayed Eren as a complex character who was always torn between his fears and dreams and his darkness throughout the series. Eren was voiced by Yki Kaji in Japanese and Bryce Papenbrook in English in the anime adaptation of the series. Both actors found it increasingly challenging to maintain continuity in their vocalizations as Eren progressed throughout the play. Haruma Miura portrays him on-screen in the live-action film versions.

At first, critics were divided on Eren, with some condemning him for being too violent and foul-mouthed for his age. Positive feedback emphasized his character qualities and newfound Titan powers, as well as his character development. Eren’s popularity has grown in succeeding manga and anime arcs, as indicated by his nominations for “Best Protagonist” and “Best Antagonist” at the 2022 Crunchyroll Anime Awards, the latter of which he won. Fans of Attack on Titan continue to love this character. Several of his voice actors garnered high appreciation for their work on the project.

Is the Series Confirmed This Year?

The fourth series of Attack on Titan begins with Eren and Reiner’s most intense battle yet. Attack on Titan has returned for its fourth and final season, and the first episode sees Eren Yeager and Reiner Braun in their bloodiest and most savage rematch yet.

Release Date: When will the final season be released?

On January 9th, 2022, Attack on Titan: The Final Season, Part 2 will be released.

The reveal was announced in a teaser trailer released in October 2021, just before six special recap episodes aired in Japan on October 25.

The anime was confirmed to return “this winter” in 2021 with Episode 76, which translates to “Judgment” or “Sentencing.”

On the same day that new episodes air in Japan, Crunchyroll and Funimation will stream the final season to North American and UK audiences.

The Storyline of season 4:

Even if they aren’t directly stated, there are stories to be told. Eren’s race was revealed in Season 3. As a result, in Season 4, Eren and the Survey Corps will design a plot to defeat their greatest foe, the nation of Marley.

After the country of Marley is vanquished in season 4, some fans believe Eren’s death will be revealed. In a tweet that started the probe, Isayama wrote the words “you are free.” Fans speculated that the statement was referring to Eren’s release from the curse.

How many episodes are there in Attack on Titan Season 4, Part 2?

Part 2 of Attack on Titan: The Final Season has been confirmed by MAPPA to include 12 new episodes. Because this does not appear to be enough to adapt the whole of the Hajime Isayama manga, it is widely assumed that the saga will end in a feature-length film or a third season of the anime.

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