Emma Chamberlain Net Worth: How’s Emma Chamberlain YouTube Career?

Emma Chamberlain Net Worth: American internet sensation Emma Frances Chamberlain was born on May 22, 2001, with a focus on YouTube. She received the Breakout Creator Streamy Award for 2018. The article noted her inclusion on Time magazine’s Time 100 Next list and list of the 25 most influential people online in 2019, which stated that Chamberlain “pioneered an approach to vlogging that shook up YouTube’s unofficial style guide.”

Anything Goes, formerly known as Stupid Genius, was her first weekly podcast series that she started in April 2019. At the 12th Shorty Awards, Chamberlain subsequently took home the prize for “Best Podcaster.” She has also been an ambassador for Cartier and Louis Vuitton since 2019 and 2022, respectively.

Emma Chamberlain’s Net Worth

American vlogger and social media star Emma Chamberlain has a 12 million dollar fortune. She started her social media career in 2017 and has gathered a sizable fan base for her vlog and other projects. She has also used her social media success to launch a clothing line and a podcast.

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Emma Chamberlain Early Life

In May 2001, Emma Chamberlain was born in California. Chamberlain was reared primarily in San Mateo County after being held in San Bruno. She attended Central Middle School in San Carlos, California, after which she transferred to the Catholic, all-girl Notre Dame High School, where she dropped out in the first semester of her junior year as soon as her YouTube career took off. After completing the High School Exit Exam in California, she eventually received her diploma.

How’s Emma Chamberlain’s YouTube Career?

The first video on Chamberlain’s channel, which she started in 2016, wasn’t published until the summer of 2017. Although she currently has millions of YouTube subscribers, she was once just another aspiring platform user. Her subscriber account had only 50 watchers after her first 20 or so videos (she once commented on the subject: “I had no subscribers when I started.

Emma Chamberlain Net Worth-

My dad was my first subscriber, and I can still remember how delighted I was when I saw him “). Her YouTube videos include a variety of topics, including DIY projects, DIY fashion, DIY beauty, and DIY lifestyle. However, her first “popular” video on YouTube was a piece titled “We All Owe The Dollar Store An Apology.”

By the end of the summer, her channel had a rapidly growing member base, and according to one source, she kept adding about 100,000 subscribers per month for almost a whole year. She has worked with several other well-known YouTube stars, like Cody Ko and the Dolan Twins, and still posts updates on YouTube practically every day. She has also collaborated extensively with Snapchat and other YouTube creators.

Additionally, Emma Chamberlain has more than 3 million Instagram followers.

Emma Chamberlain Brand Endorsements

For most of 2018, Chamberlain was sponsored by the shopping app Dote, which was her first significant endorsement. Along with a stable of other women who had successful YouTube channels, the company sent Chamberlain everywhere from Austin, Texas, to Fiji.

They also produced a clothing line called Low Key / High Key by Emma, created by Chamberlain. But by the end of 2018, Chamberlain had severed his relationship with Dote due to several issues surrounding the app. She was hired by the eyewear company Crapeyewear the following year, in 2019, to promote and assist in designing a line of sunglasses.

She has appeared in videos from Target’s official YouTube channel and other channels, occasionally alongside celebrities like The Office cast members and other influencers. She made an official appearance in a Louis Vuitton Cruise commercial in 2020. She has worked with the brand frequently throughout her career as a fashion influencer.

Emma Chamberlain Salary

Chamberlain’s wildly popular YouTube videos account for a sizable portion of her net worth and earnings. She was reported to be earning between $120,000 and $2 million annually on YouTube alone, according to a social media analytics study, before accounting for all of her endorsement deals and businesses.

Due to her reported unusually high engagement rate of 25%, which has made her an attractive target for advertisers like Calvin Klein, she also has a thriving business from sponsored posts on Instagram. Of course, she also makes money from her clothing line and lifestyle brand, which also benefit from being advertised on various social media platforms.

Emma Chamberlain Real Estate

Emma paid $3.9 million in March 2020 for a home in West Hollywood, California. At the time of the purchase, she was 18 years old. Andrew Modlin, a co-founder of MedMen, was the seller. A year and a half later, she put the house on the market for $4 million. In May 2021, she sold this house for $4.1 million.

Emma bought a Beverly Hills house for $4.3 million in June 2021.

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