How To Edmodo Login? How To Find Your Student Class Code?

Edmodo: The educational website Edmodo provides excellent teaching and coaching resources for educators, students, and parents. Millions of people use this portal, which is accessible in 12 languages. A fantastic tool for information exchange between teachers and students is Edmodo. Joining Edmodo is cost-free for students.

Let’s first give the teachers guides on registering an “Edmodo Teacher account” before demonstrating the easy steps to create an “Edmodo student account” for you. You can enter the world of Edmondo with just a simple Edmodo Login.

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How To Edmodo Login?

If you already have a student account on Edmodo. Visit the website ( and look for the “Login” option to complete the Edmodo student sign-in process.

  • A “Login in” area will show up after you click it.
  • Put your email address or user name and password in the corresponding fields.
  • Finally, click the “Login” button in green.

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Edmodo Sign Up Teacher Account | Edmodo Teacher Registration

Creating a teacher account on Edmodo and registering teachers

  • Check out To become a teacher, click the icon. or go directly to the Edmodo Teacher registration page by clicking
    Complete the registration form and click the “Sign Up” button to finish the signup process.
  • To view the following instructions for creating your Edmodo account, check your email for a confirmation.

Sign Up For Edmodo Login Account | Create A New Edmodo Student Account

If you don’t already have an account on Edmodo, you can make one by following the instructions below:

  • Ask your teacher for a Group Code first.
  • Then click “I’m a Student” on the page.
  • Enter the Group Code, a unique username, and a password on the registration form. It is unnecessary to have an email address to create an Edmodo Student Account.
  • To finish the signup procedure, click the “Sign up” button.
  • You will then see the Group your teacher created on the left side panel of your account if your Group code has been unlocked.
  • If your group code is locked, you will be added to the group if your teacher approves your group join request, after which you will be placed in an approval queue.

How To Edmodo Student Password Reset?

How To Edmodo Login?
How To Edmodo Login?

If you’re having trouble logging into your Edmodo account, click the “Forgot password” link to reset your password. Parents can also reset their children’s passwords on the web or through mobile apps by visiting the Settings page.

  • 1Access your Parent account.
  • 2. Select your profile photo.
  • 3. From the drop-down menu, choose Settings.
  • 4. From the left tab, select Students.
  • 5. Press the button labelled Reset Password.
  • For the student’s account, make a new password. You can find your student’s username in the same settings if they’ve forgotten it.

While your username on Edmodo is your handle, your username is the name recorded in the Edmodo database and used by other users to identify you. Your profile URL can be customized using this name.

What Is The Edmodo Class Code?

Students can join the class lessons using the Edmodo Class Code, a unique number the teacher can provide them. You can see the class code on your user page if the teacher or admin hasn’t locked it. However, if it’s locked, you’ll be in a queue for approval and have to wait for your teacher to accept your join request.

Identify your school code here:

  • 1Go to your Org Admin portal in step 1.
  • 2. Select the tab labelled Manage.
  • 3. On the left side panel, select Schools.
  • 4. Find the list of schools by scrolling down.
  • 5. After you click on your school, the school code will appear next to the institution’s name.

How To Find Your Student Class Code?

Edmodo is intended to use the classroom sign-in code and participate in the learning taking place there. Usernames and passwords are not necessary. Students use the QR or text class code to sign in. When adding journal entries, students pick their names from the class list.

The option for students to sign in to Edmodo using their email address, Google account, or Apple ID is left up to the teacher. To change your student sign-in mode at any moment, tap the icon, followed by Class Settings > Student Sign-in Mode.

Your teacher should provide the Home Learning Code if you use Edmodo at home but lack a Google or email account.

  • 1. Launch the class app on Edmodo.
  • 2. Click “I’m a Student.” 2.
  • 3. Select the class’s QR code OR tap the blue “Scan Code” button.
  • 4. After the students select their names from the list, you can post it.

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