Editorial Policy

All editorial news content published by Journalist Junction is subject to a strict, continuing commitment to factual accuracy, balance, ethics, and thorough investigation.

Independence Precision and Clarity

Journalist Junction’s editorial independence and integrity are essential to our business because we are a consumer-focused publication. The Digital Editor is in charge of upholding standards and exercising editorial control over material distribution.

Journalist Junction also has a responsibility to make sure that news and information is accurately gathered and presented in accordance with the accepted norms of objective journalism. All fact-based content must adhere to our editorial standards, which demand that reasonable attempts be taken to assure accuracy.


1. Journalist Junction makes sure that factual information is reliable, not misleading, and can be distinguished from other stuff like opinion.

2. If published content is materially false or deceptive, Journalist Junction offers a correction or other appropriate remedy.

Fairness and Equilibrium

Journalist Junction has a responsibility to make sure that news and information are gathered and disseminated objectively in accordance with accepted norms of objective journalism. It is not necessary for impartiality to provide both sides of an argument or to treat each viewpoint equally.


3. Facts on Journalist Junction are provided with due care and balance, and writers’ opinions are never based on data that is inaccurate or incomplete.

4. If it is logically necessary to do so to address a potential breach of the General Principle, Journalist Junction ensures that when something is said disparagingly about someone, a reasonable opportunity is offered for a later publication of a response.

Privacy and preventing harm

Human dignity depends on privacy, and everyone has a right to assume that their private will be respected. Journalist Junction respects this right and is aware of its responsibilities to safeguard personal information and stop wrongdoing.


5. Unless doing so is obviously required for the benefit of the community, journalist Junctiony respects people’s reasonable expectations of privacy.

6. Journalist Junction abstains from inciting or materially contributing to a serious offence, significant distress or prejudice, or a significant risk to one’s health or safety unless doing so is adequately in the public good.

Integrity And Openness

Journalist Junction is aware that maintaining trust with viewers and others who engage with or are otherwise directly impacted by our material requires integrity and transparency. We pledge to stay clear of inaccurate information and uphold the obligation to ensure that news and information are gathered and presented objectively in accordance with accepted norms of objective journalism. Journalist Junction will make sure that any potential conflicts of interest are fully stated and that they have no impact on any published content.


9. Journalist Junction refrains from publishing information obtained through dishonest or unjust means unless doing so is clearly in the best interests of the general public.

10. Journalist Junction take steps to prevent conflicts of interest, properly report them, and guarantee that they do not affect published content.

Feedback Procedure

In order to establish our coverage goals and guarantee accuracy, Journalist Junction encourages reader participation and welcomes feedback on its articles. Please send an email to journalistjunction.com@gmail.com if you have any comments regarding our reporting, coverage choices, content, or any further provocations, changes, or additions to a story.

Amendments & Updates Policy

An editor must correct factual inaccuracies and note them at the beginning or end of the piece. There is no need to recognise changes made to a text for clarity, style, or spelling. An update may be added if a story has developed significantly in the week since it was first published.