Documentary On Kavanaugh Allegations Debuts At Sundance!

The 2018 Supreme Court nomination hearings for Brett Kavanaugh will be covered in Doug Liman’s documentary Justice, which the Sundance Film Festival said will make its world premiere there on Thursday.

As the Senate Judiciary Committee deliberated whether to confirm Kavanaugh to the nation’s highest court, three women accused him of assault; he denied all of them. The Senate later approved him by a vote of 50 to 48.

Despite receiving more than 4,500 tips from a public tip line, the FBI rapidly concluded its background check against Kavanaugh. Before Kavanaugh firmly retaliated, one accuser, Christine Blasey Ford, gave compelling testimony before the committee. Liman told the reporters at Sundance, “It shouldn’t be this difficult to have an open and honest conversation about whether or not a justice on the Supreme Court attacked several women as a young man.”

The movie, which will be shown Friday night in Park City, Utah, will have material and interviews that have never before been made public, according to Axios.

The documentary, according to Liman, will examine the investigation, the FBI‘s mistakes, the complexities and flaws of the American judicial system, and the politics surrounding the Supreme Court nomination process. He also commended the survivors for coming out and sharing their stories with the documentary team, calling them “brave souls.”

Documentary On Kavanaugh Allegations Debuts At Sundance!

Director of Sundance’s programming Kim Yutani stated in a press conference that “it is a very compelling documentary that we felt was vital to add.” It’s a movie, in my opinion, that challenges preexisting narratives, poses difficult questions, and sparks discussion.

Liman, known for films like Swingers, The Bourne Identity, and Mr. and Mrs. Smith, has directed one documentary, Justice. According to IndieWire, he paid for the undertaking personally.

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