Did The Weeknd Get Plastic Surgery: The Truth Behind His Changing Appearance

The Weeknd is a singer, songwriter, and record producer from Canada. He was reared in Ontario’s Scarborough after being born in Toronto.

The Weeknd’s use of plastic surgery and when it occurred have been (and will continue to be) two of the main issues surrounding his appearance. Although no trustworthy sources can confirm or reject the report, there is no denying that he has a lot of eye candy, which calls for attention and inspection. There are grounds to suspect that the singer has had at least one surgery. For instance, his facial structure might shift, or his face might be reconfigured.

Has The Weeknd had Multiple Plastic Surgeries?

The Weeknd, known for his impressive beard and hairstyle, often the envy of millions, has been seen with a new face.

  • His nose bridge was smaller,
  • He had cheek implants to give him a more chiseled chin and jawline, and
  • His jaw was made smaller than it used to be.
  • He also had lip fillers done to give his lips more volume and definition.

These are something that most people can’t help but notice when they see him walking down the street!

Does The Weeknd Get a Facelift?

Fans of the musician have frequently questioned whether he has had plastic surgery on his lips and nose, but due to the Internet, we can now see exactly how the singer seemed before any surgeries were carried out.

Any operation that involves reshaping or changing features of the face is referred to as facial surgery. This comprises operations that target the lips, ears, cheeks, and nose. Patients should have reasonable expectations about what will be done before having facial surgery.

The Weeknd Plastic Surgery

Patients who have lost a portion of their face due to an accident or illness can undergo various facial reconstructive operations. They include ear pinning surgery, jawbone surgery, and procedures on the cheekbones and cheekbone implants.

Why Is the Weeknd’s Face Bandaged?

The Weeknd has been seen out in public with a bandage covering his nose. He might have undergone surgery to correct the facial deformity, and the weekend had been photographed moving around with applications over his face. Fans began to speculate that he may have undergone plastic surgery to improve something about his appearance as a result.

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While it doesn’t appear that there is any evidence that The Weeknd had his nose altered through plastic surgery, other individuals speculate that he may have wanted to keep fans wondering what might be hiding beneath those bandages.

Also, he has been spotted with various head wraps or scarves covering his mouth. And that may be a Coachella-related attempt to cover up a surgical scar or to keep the dust out.

Weeknd Nose Bridge Is Less Prominent

Compared to earlier photographs, The Weeknd’s nose bridge is now smaller and more pointed. On multiple occasions, his nose modifications have been attributed to rhinoplasty surgery (a “nose job”). Still, as no evidence supports this, it appears to have been a makeup trick.

Rhinoplasty, or nose surgery, is a process that reshapes the nose. It deals with issues including stuffy noses, crooked noses, and other abnormalities.

The two most common forms of nose surgery are:

  • Rhinoplasty: This procedure is used when there is skin damage on the bridge of the nose, known as a “deviated septum.” This type of surgery can also be used to correct sagging skin around the nostrils.
  • Nose job: A nose job is performed when there are problems with the tip of the nose – often called a bulbous tip. This includes cartilage problems and other deformities that keep your nose from pointing up toward your forehead as it should.

The Weeknd Jaw Surgery

The Weeknd’s facial changes may be due to aging or a facelift. His pre-cosmetic surgery images show a more rounded, square jawline growing with age. His current photos indicate an angular, masculine profile due to minor chin augmentation (chin reduction) or liposuction behind the jawline (jaw contouring).

Jaw surgery involves replacing part of your jawbone with a prosthetic implant. Titanium and polyethylene comprise the implant. Jaw surgery can correct speech, eating, swallowing, and breathing issues caused by osteoporosis, accident, or congenital deformities.

Pat Kiernan tweeted Now I really don’t understand whether The Weeknd had plastic surgery or not. You can see below:

Jaw surgery can treat face abnormalities and other cosmetic issues. These surgeries are cosmetic or reconstructive. Some jaw surgery patients need facial surgery following recuperation. Incisions under the nostrils or near the ear reshape the nose or cheek.

The Weeknd Plastic Surgery Music

Many of The Weeknd’s songs deal with plastic surgery. Although most of them don’t mention it specifically, they reference it. The song was included in his 2016 album Starboy, which was released.

The False Alarm music video contains the most overt allusion. He may be seen in this music video wandering through an operating room with surgical instruments while shaving and gazing in the mirror. I got my lips and nose changed, and my eyes are different, the song’s lyrics state. This may allude to him having work done on his lips or nose.

The second reference is from an interview he gave to GQ Magazine, in which he discusses living in Los Angeles and how he likes to stay current with local events. He claims that I don’t like New York because it’s too hectic—too much pressure. LA is more laid back. In this instance, he seems to be discussing his decision to undergo plastic surgery rather than the city’s laziness or stress.

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