Why Did JoJo And Avery Break Up? Drama Explained

The relationship between JoJo Siwa and Avery Cyrus ended as fast as it had begun, but you could have missed the quite subtly announced split. The pair didn’t have a public breakup; instead, they discreetly announced their separation via the TikTok comments section. Unfortunately, the tension around Siwa and Cyrus’ split only increased, especially after Siwa’s mother got involved. (Yes, I mean it.)

ICYMI, Cyrus’ video from December 17 detailing her recent tropical vacation contained a brief update on her relationship status. Fans observed an odd scene with Siwa between clips of the TikToker surfing, going down slides, and diving off boats. Siwa was seen in the video holding up an arcade prize and saying, “This is my ‘I’m sorry for breaking up with you’ present.”

Unsure fans immediately rushed to the comments section, questioning whether Siwa’s revelation was an inside joke or proof of a breakup. In the comments, Cyrus clarified that the two had truly broken up.

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In response to a commenter, Cyrus said, “We determined that we are best off as friends. “We are both so young and are still figuring things out!” The couple split up over three months after they made their relationship public in a kissing TikTok in mid-September.

Did JoJo And Avery Break Up
Did JoJo And Avery Break Up

Fans thought they had been dating for a bit longer. Early in August, they began routinely appearing in one other’s TikToks, which sparked a ton of romance speculations a month before they formally admitted their relationship.

The post-breakup situation starts to get complicated at this point. To go back a bit, Cyrus wrote on Dec. 16 that she was in her “healing era” but was being sidetracked by a “pretty girl.” Then, on December 19 (two days following the breakup announcement), she shared a photo with her ex Soph Mosca, whom she dated for two years before to Siwa.

Not only were Cyrus and Mosca socializing once more. They claimed it was because they had reserved a “nonrefundable holiday” while still dating that they were also planning a romantic getaway to Europe.

Despite not taking Cyrus back, Mosca claimed on TikTok that they were still on the road. Don’t plan a trip too far in advance, said Mosca, or you might end up traveling with your ex. What are the chances she kills me on this trip? Cyrus added in a similar video.

Siwa wasn’t pleased with their timing. Siwa’s mother shared an Instagram Story of her daughter venting on December 19. Siwa said, “Because I got used… for views and clout,” when asked why she was “angry.” “I got deceived into believing I was in love, and I got f*cking played,” she continued. Oooof.

Since then, Cyrus has commented, claiming she is still processing the breakup. She stated to E! on December 20 that she and JoJo “leave on nice terms and are still friends.” “I’m disappointed and perplexed by the scenario, and I’m still heartbroken that JoJo broke up with me.”


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But Siwa didn’t let that specific remark go unchallenged. On December 20, she shared the details of their breakup on TikTok. You said you were happy to be dating me because you’re “building your profession and want to go to the top,” according to one of my closest friends.

“And when I stated I simply wanted to be friends, so I didn’t lead you on after an unforeseen hookup, you wanted nothing to do with me because there was nothing to gain anymore,” she wrote in her caption, spilling more tea.

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