Deku Vs All Might: Who Would Win The Fight And Why?

Deku Vs All Might: Even though Midoriya is now more potent than ever in the Final War storyline, All Might is most likely to triumph in a battle against Deku.

That’s because All Might, who lacks Deku’s access to the quirks of the prior owners of One For All, was nonetheless able to make full use of the stockpiling power of One For All.

Deku stands out from the other users of this potent Quirk since he is the only one who can access all of the Quirks of the past owners of One For All.

Naturally, even though he ought to be more potent than All Might ever was, his body and experience haven’t caught up. With that said, let’s take a closer look at this fictitious combat. Similarly, we can now see individuals looking for Deku Vs All Might.

Deku Vs All Might: Strength

Izuku Midoriya, who wasn’t born with a quirk, became Deku after inheriting One For All from All Might, making him the eighth person to employ this potent quirk. But even during the Final War cycle, his frail condition prevented him from using One For All to its full potential.

Deku can only access 45% of the attack’s power in the manga without getting wounded. Still, he uses that amount at the very last second, along with Blackwhip and Fa Jin, to create a Faux 100% One For All strike without getting hurt.

All Might even advised Deku that he could use the Quirk immediately after inheriting it. Therefore, he rarely ran into issues while using One For All.

As a result, in his prime, he could wield One For All to its most significant potential without encountering any of the problems or harm that Deku does whenever he does so. And because All Might was so powerful, only an All For One in his prime could compete with him.

Deku should theoretically be more powerful than All Might because One For All is a hoarding quirk that gets stronger every time it is transmitted from one user to another. But All Might is still more potent because he can’t wield One For All to the full extent without getting harmed.

Deku vs. All Might
Deku vs. All Might

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Deku Vs All Might: Durability

Even while using only 5% of the Quirk’s power, Deku becomes very resilient when using One For All as his body fortifies to the point that it can withstand massive attacks from Bakugo without exploding into a building-sized explosion.

He can withstand assaults from a strengthened Tomura Shigaraki at 30%. Using 100% of One For All is a double-edged sword for Deku because when he is at 100%, he practically becomes invulnerable but also suffers from the drawback of the Quirk’s power.

All Might’s durability is unimaginably high because he is continuously operating at 100% of One For All in his muscular form. He showed no indications of damage and was able to endure assaults from a strong Nomu.

He even deflected a direct hit from Bakugo without suffering any damage. All For One was the only character to harm him; he had to employ every quirk to hurt All Might gravely.

Again, in principle, if Deku masters One For All, he ought to be more resilient than All Might. On the other hand, All Might is much more durable than him because he has not yet mastered the Quirk. Additionally, All Might’s body was gifted, allowing him to learn One For All more quickly than the rest.

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Deku vs. All Might
Deku vs. All Might

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Deku vs. All Might: Who Wins?

Deku could use all of the other users’ quirks; therefore, he should be more potent than All Might. All Might was able to employ One For All with such ease that it seemed natural to him, but the truth is that he has not yet fully grasped its full potential.

Additionally, All Might’s accomplishments and experience speak for themselves. As a result, even though Deku will likely surpass him soon, Prime All Might is still the best example of the One For All Quirk.

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