Danielle Ruhl Love Is Blind Contestant Claims Psychological History Should Have Disqualified Her

Some of the competitors on the reality TV show “Love Is Blind” have reportedly been subjected to “traumatizing” conditions, as detailed in a recent investigation by Insider. Season 2 cast member Danielle Ruhl opens up in the report on the show’s poor screening practices and the long-term effects of her participation.

The report claims that potential competitors for “Love Is Blind” are found through social media sites, interviewed, and subjected to a background check for criminal past as well as a psychiatric exam that includes a study of their relationship history. Having disclosed a history of mental illness and a suicide attempt, Ruhl was surprised to pass the psychological screen.

Danielle Ruhl’s Love Is Blind Experience

The 15 men and 15 women who make the final cut are then placed in chat pods where they can fall in love and get engaged without ever seeing their potential spouse. Ruhl recalls passing out while drinking Champagne in a dating pod but having to carry on with the on-camera interviews.

Danielle Ruhl Love Is Blind Contestant Claims Psychological History Should Have Disqualified Her

Eventually, she and Nick Thompson became engaged, and the two were taken on a post-engagement vacation to Mexico with other cast members. Also, check out what happened to another contestant, Paul of Love Is Blind.

Behind the scenes, Ruhl’s experience differed from what viewers saw on the show. According to insider accounts, she had a panic attack after producers told her she couldn’t attend a group gathering because of worries over COVID-19. Later, the storyline about Ruhl being angry with Thompson for talking to another lady at the party was changed to include her panic episode. Ruhl claims that despite disclosing her mental instability and suicidal intentions to the producers, they convinced her to stay.

Katie Warren, Tweeted about the workplace culture at Netflix. The Tweet is displayed below.

Ruhl’s experience with “Love Is Blind” has caused lasting damage, according to her. She says she hasn’t felt like herself since before filming and is trying to refind who she is. Kinetic Content, the production company behind the show, released a statement saying they have rigorous protocols in place to care for each person before, during, and after filming.

This study emphasizes the need to protect the welfare of reality TV competitors. Production companies must implement rigorous screening procedures and give candidates enough support both during production and after the show airs. Realistic television could have an adverse effect on competitors’ mental health, so viewers need to be aware of this and demand higher standards from the business.

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