What Is Coco Quinn Age? Who Are Her Parents?

Coco Quinn Age: American singer Coco Quinn, 11, is well-known on social media. She was born in California on June 7th, 2008, to a tiny American family that included their parents, three sisters, and a brother. Southern California’s beautiful coast is where the family resides.

Her older sisters gave her her first lessons in dancing, after which she went to a professional instructor. She is also renowned for beginning gymnastics when she was two years old. Likewise, now we can see people searching for Coco Quinn Age

What Is Coco Quinn Age?

He was born on June 7, 2008, and Coco Quinn age is  14 years old in 2022. She grew up and was educated in an upper-middle-class Los Angeles, California, family. Her nationality is American, and she identifies as a Christian. At a nearby high school in California, she finished her primary education.

How Did Coco Quinn Get Her Education?

On June 7, 2008, Coco was born in Los Angeles, California. She was raised in a wealthy family in Los Angeles, California, in the United States. She identified as a Christian and was born in the United States, as far as is known to the general public.

When Coco was just two years old, she started rhythmic gymnastics. She took first place in the Petite diamond category at the Showbiz Talent Competition in Riverside, California.

Additionally, we have no information regarding Coco’s early life. She continued her study at a university in California after completing high school. She had wanted to become a professional dancer or vocalist since she was young. However, we will monitor the situation and adjust Coco’s education once we have more information.

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When Did Coco Quinn Start Her Career?

What Is Coco Quinn Age?
What Is Coco Quinn Age?

Multi-talented artist Coco Quinn has become well-known for her social media, dance, acting, and modeling work. She became famous for her skills after appearing on Dance Moms’ reality series.

Coco Quinn began her career as a dancer and YouTuber. She has collaborated with several well-known YouTubers and made appearances in their videos. She attended the American dance reality show Dance Moms with her mother.

She has appeared in several popular YouTube series, including Chicken Girls, Mani, and Stitchers. She was one of Molly’s Monsters, just like her sister Kaylee Quinn.

She is well known for her numerous popular viral videos on YouTube and other websites and for her remarkable career. In 2020, at the age of 12, she became instant online famous, making her one of the youngest celebrities in the world. Her most well-known pieces include Rare, What I Love About Me, Driver’s License, and Drummer Boy.

Coco posted her first video on YouTube when she was barely 2 years old, on April 1, 2010. The footage of 4-year-old Kaylee performing Russian ballet and rhythmic gymnastics has been viewed by more than 298 500 people.

When she was only five years old, she posted “5-year-old Kaylee doing Classical Ballet dance (Russian Ballet trained) Level 1/2,” which has already had over 18.1 million views.

“I got married for 24 hours | Get Ready With Me | Coco Quinn Gavin Magnus,” “Selena Gomez – Rare (Cover by Coco ft. Gavin Magnus,” and “Twins For A Day | Coco ft. Lilly K” are three of her videos with more than 7 million views each.

She worked hard at dancing, which paid off because she could dance on massive stages. For example, her impressive coco dancing skills landed her the role of Katie in the popular Disney Channel comedy Chicken Girls and Mani. Additionally, she has participated as a member of Molly’s Monster in the Mini Elite tournament.

In addition to being a talented dancer, Coco is a passionate and skillful singer who debuted her first solo song, “Son,” in 2020 to great praise. She also becomes a full member of the influential GoatFamLA.

Who Are Her Parents?

What Is Coco Quinn Age?
What Is Coco Quinn Age?

Her parents welcomed Coco Quinn into the world in Los Angeles, California. His father’s name is never mentioned, but his mother’s name is Jeannie Quinn.

Tyler Quinn is her brother, and she has two older sisters named Rihanna Quinn and Kaylee Quinn. Like her, her sisters are accomplished dancers and active on social media. Their mother, Jeannie Quinn, maintains all of their social media accounts.

What Is Coco Quinn’s Net Worth?

One of the newest well-known Gen Z influencers is Coco Quinn. She is a gifted dancer and famous for her hit song covers. Despite being so young, she has amassed a sizable fan base and success.

Most of Coco’s revenue comes from her YouTube videos, sponsorships on social media, brand deals, and modeling jobs. Her predicted net worth in 2022 will be about $400,000.

Is Coco Quinn Active On Social Media?

Because of her many skills as a model, dancer, actress, singer, and social media star, Coco Quinn is well-liked by her followers. In addition, due to her stunning photography, her @cocoquinn3 Instagram account has over 2.2 million followers.

You may follow Coco Quinn at @cocoquinn3 on Twitter, where she has 42.8k followers. Additionally, she has 212k followers on Facebook and 1.65m subscribers on her YouTube channel.

Is Coco Quinn Single?

Coco Quinn is not dating anyone right now because she is single. The two began dating in 2022 after creating several cover videos of songs that appeared on each other’s YouTube channels.

However, they decided to part ways and announced their breakup in 2022. Since then, there have been no reports of Coco Quinn hooking up with anyone. In addition to Gavin Magnus, she has not previously been rumored to be dating anyone. As of 2022, Quinn is not dating anyone as she is single.

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