How To ClockShark Login? How Does It Work?

Although ClockShark is a relative newcomer to the time monitoring software market, it is a beautiful form of simplicity despite being noticeably simpler than many of its rivals. When it comes to software made to save time, its use should also reflect this purpose. Sometimes, a no-frills adherence to a core set of capabilities is good.

Travel-intensive enterprises were the focus when ClockShark was developed. It was designed with companies that needed to deploy crews on the road, whether locally or long distance, in mind. This is only a statement that incorporating GPS into this solution makes it particularly effective in resolving a particular issue certain firms face.

It does not imply that it is not viable for other businesses. Unless the company is astronomically enormous, a proprietary system is likely already in place; its scalability means that its size isn’t a problem. The time tracking issue is the only thing ClockShark is concerned with, never being sidetracked by extraneous bells and whistles. It is also simple to use and reasonably priced.

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What Is The Feature of ClockShark?

  • Mobile timesheets for mobile workers are made possible by a mobile focus and platform-neutral mobile optimization. The time sheets are in real-time with the central office, guaranteeing their legibility and completeness and never being lost.
  • Always be aware of where your employees are with the help of a GPS time clock. Confirm employees’ whereabouts, activities, and schedules to prevent roundups. This can reduce payroll overhead by up to 8%.
  • Create virtual borders with geofences to guarantee that your employees remain within the designated locational boundaries.
  • Web Punch Clock – Employees may clock in from anywhere by eliminating lines at the time clock.
  • Any phone, tablet, or another touch device can become a ready time station by using the KioskClock – Tablet software.
  • Employee Scheduling: Integrate tracking and scheduling to maintain a comprehensive model of job metrics.
  • Link Quickbooks Sync to your bookkeeping program for fully automated and accurate payroll.
  • Sharing files and photographs in real-time is made possible via file attachments, which keep everyone informed.
  • Fantastic Customer Support – The helpful staff at ClockShark is on hand to assist whenever an issue arises. They are aware of how important customer service is.
  • Clean and Simple Reporting – Automated time data may produce tidy, expert digital reports that are simple to understand for everyone. This level of automation for time tracking and payroll is relatively new.
  • Set up automatic reminders for employees to check in at certain times using the clock. This solves the issue of chaotic, busy work situations and significantly reduces time-tracking problems.
  • Genuinely Exact Task Pricing – No more rounding or guesses that lead to extra expense; databases, reports, and linkages are developed around accurate job costing.
  • Audit Log – Thanks to immediate capture and permanent cloud storage, every modification is fully noted and accounted for, and records remain accurate forever.

What Is ClockShark, And How Does It Work?

How To Clockshark login?
How To Clockshark login?

Software for time monitoring and employee scheduling called Clockshark was created to simplify payroll. Construction, property managers, onsite IT services, tradespeople, and businesses involved in field services are the most outstanding candidates. Thus allowing them to get their business going smoothly without having to deal with the hassle of paper timesheets.

Employees can clock in from a small desk depending on their working patterns. When an employee enters or exits a designated spot on time, Clockshark’s Geofencing technology immediately notifies management. It facilitates quick response to emergencies, enables a bird’s-eye view of the mobile workforce, and helps build enhanced working procedures.

By increasing franchises’ bottom lines, ClockShark aids in increasing profitability and growth. Better administrative regulation and control are made possible by the particular’s comprehensive reports. Reducing payroll costs through software integrations, reporting, mobile time tracking apps, and scheduling ensures smooth payroll processing and accounting.

How To Set Up ClockShark With QuickBooks Desktop?

Using the QuickBooks Web Connector, ClockShark may be integrated with QuickBooks Desktop. To combine ClockShark with QuickBooks, adhere to the instructions below.

  • Become a member of ClockShark and expand the admin menu.
  • Make sure Auto Import is chosen on the QuickBooks Setup page after choosing QuickBooks from the dropdown list.
  • Make sure time tracking is turned on in QuickBooks Desktop before starting it up in single-user mode. For the items from the timesheet to be transferred from ClockShark to QuickBooks, ensure the payroll item list is enabled under lists in QuickBooks. Open the proper company file that has to be associated with ClockShark.
  • On the computer where the ClockShark service will be utilized with QuickBooks Desktop, install the QuickBooks Web Connector. Go to the ClockShark website and download the QWC file.
  • When QuickBooks security prompts, arise to connect with ClockShark, accept access.
  • Give the Web Connector your ClockShark account login information.
  • Update the information in Payroll Mappings in the ClockShark application and then select Save and Continue when the initial sync between ClockShark and QuickBooks Desktop has been performed.
  • To ensure that the correct data has been synchronized between the applications, check the job screen, tasks, employees, and other data.

How To Clockshark login?

Step 1: Open this guide in a new window and log in using your Clockshark login credentials. The steps will be shown so you can follow along with them!
Step 2: Log in using your Clockshark login information. You will receive this information either at the time of sign-up or directly from a website representative with authority.
Step 3 – You are now successfully connected to the Clockshark login process after seeing the message “successfully logged in”!

Step 4 – There may be a problem with Clockshark login accepting your login information. To resolve this problem, we advise adhering to these detailed guidelines.

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