What Was Clarence Gilyard Net Worth? Who Was His Wife & Kids?

Clarence Gilyard Net Worth: A university professor, actor, and novelist, Clarence Alfred Gilyard Jr. was an American who lived from December 24, 1955, until November 28, 2022. He performed in theater, screen, and television shows; some sources list Alfred as his middle name.

Theo, the terrorist computer expert in Die Hard; Lieutenant (junior grade) Evan “Sundo” Sundo, Pastor Bruce Barnes in the first two Left Behind films; James “Jimmy” Trivette, Cordell Walker’s (played by Chuck Norris) Texas Ranger partner in the 1990s crime drama Walker, Texas Ranger, and Lieutenant (junior grade) Evan “Sundo” Sundo on the legal drama series Matlock from 1989 to 1993, and Lieutenant. Likewise, now we can see people searching for Clarence Gilyard Net Worth.

What Was Clarence Gilyard Net Worth?

According to the records of Celebrity Net Worth, Clarence Gilyard Jr.’s projected net worth as of 2022 was $5 million. His impressive Hollywood career, which included roles in blockbusters like Die Hard, Top Gun, and Karate Kid II, is reflected in the actor’s wealth.

Clarence was born on Christmas Eve in Moses Lake, Washington, and raised on several Air Force bases because his father was an Air Force officer. He spent a year as an Air Force Academy cadet before attending Sterling College to play collegiate football.

After relocating to California, Clarence enrolled in Southern Methodist University and later graduated with an MA in theatre performance. Likewise, now we can see people searching for Clarence Gilyard Net Worth.

How Did Clarence Gilyard Spend His Childhood?

Gilyard was born on Christmas Eve, 1955, into a military family in Moses Lake, Washington. He is the son of Barbara and U.S. Air Force officer Clarence Alfred Gilyard Sr. The second of six kids, Gilyard.

Gilyard was raised in Air Force stations in Hawaii, Texas, and Florida, even though his family was originally from New Orleans, Louisiana. He was primarily raised a Lutheran and converted to Catholicism in the 1990s.

Gilyard was a young adult who resided in Rialto, a suburb of San Bernardino, California, and went to Eisenhower High School. After graduating from high school in 1974 with honors, he spent a year as a cadet at the Air Force Academy before leaving the military to enroll in Sterling College. He played football in college and joined the Sigma Chi fraternity. He was also given a tennis scholarship, but he left school before finishing his coursework.

In high school, Gilyard resided with his parents and was preoccupied with women, booze, and, sporadically, drugs. In response to his parents’ requests to leave, he and a friend moved to Long Beach, California.

He majored in acting at California State University, Long Beach, and worked as a waiter while looking for acting roles. He graduated from California State University, Dominguez Hills, with a bachelor’s degree.

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Gilyard shared a workplace with a roommate, where he eventually attained the manager position. He briefly stopped doing this to work selling industrial chemicals. Gilyard returned to school in 2003 and graduated from Southern Methodist University with a master of fine arts in theater performance.

Clarence Gilyard Net Worth
Clarence Gilyard Net Worth

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How Did Clarence Gilyard Start His Career As A Actor?

In 1982, Clarence made his television debut as Officer Benjamin Webster in the crime drama “CHiPs,” In 1984, he was chosen to play Roland Culp in the comedy “The Duck Factory.”

He was cast in the critically acclaimed 1986 film “Top Gun,” starring Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer, as Marcus “Sundown” Williams. He also appeared in “The Karate Kid Part II” and “Simon & Simon.”

He later portrayed James B. White in “Off the Mark,” Theo in the Bruce Willis-starring action thriller “Die Hard,” and Mustafa Jackson in the criminal drama “L.A. Takedown.” He played James “Jimmy” Trivette in the action-crime series “Walker, Texas Ranger,” starring Chuck Norris, from 1993 to 2001.

In 1995, he returned to the role for “Walker Texas Ranger 3: Deadly Reunion.” He played Bruce Barnes in “Left Behind: The Movie” in 2001, “Left Behind II: Tribulation Force” in 2002, and “Walker, Texas Ranger: Trial by Fire” in 2005. He also played James Trivette once more in that film.

He returned to play Ben Foreman in “Little Monsters” and Jeremiah Ward in “Chasing Shakespeare” in 2012 and 2013, respectively. He then appeared in the sequel “Top Gun 2: Back to Traffic School” in 2013.

In 2014, “A Matter of Faith,” “The Track,” and “Rabbit Days” were a few of his subsequent roles. The Sector in 2016, Christmas on the Coast in 2017, and The Perfect Race in 2019 were a few of Clarence’s most recent assignments.

What Was Clarence Gilyard’s Cause of Death?

Sadly, actor Clarence Gilyard Jr., known for his roles in hit movies like Top Gun and Die Hard and TV shows like Matlock and Texas Ranger, has passed away. The University of Nevada, where Clarence taught theatre, released the devastating news. He was 66 years old, and there was no known cause of death.

Clarence Gilyard worked in the film industry for almost half his life, switching between movies and TV shows. In 1986’s Top Gun, Clarence played the part of Sundown, which launched his acting career. But his role as the intelligent lousy guy Theo in the 1989 movie Dies Hard propelled him to fame.

Clarence Gilyard Net Worth
Clarence Gilyard Net Worth

Who Was Clarence Gilyard’s Wife & Kids?

Elena Gilyard and Clarence have been happily wed since 2001. The couple keeps a low profile. Thus, information about their marriage is kept secret.

Gilyard was regarded as being very committed to his second marriage and was determined to make it work no matter what. To concentrate on his marriage, he left his successful show, “Walker, Texas Ranger.” He said in an interview:

The actor saw success in his dedication to his marriage. Three children have been born to the couple in more than 18 years of marriage.

Gilyard has also avoided drawing attention to his kids. Although the names and faces of his children are still unknown, it is known that one of them, Peter Gilyard, was born in 2007.

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