Who Is Chris Carlos? How Many Kids Does He Have?

Chris Carlos: Wealthy businessman Chris Carlos has worked with Republic National Distributing Co. as a partner for over 30 years. Carlos’ business is the second-largest premium wine and spirits distributor in the US.

After his wife, Juliana Carlos, and well-known American basketball player LeBron James got into a violent fight that resulted in the referees calling a timeout in the middle of the game, Carlos attracted media attention. Likewise, now we can see people searching for Chris Carlos.

Who Is Chris Carlos?

Chris Michael Carlos was born to Michael and Thalia Carlos on October 26, 1964. One of the wealthiest families in Georgia is the Carlos family. Likewise, now we can see people searching for Chris Carlos.

The National Distributing Company, an associate of RNDC (Republic National Distributing Company) with headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, is run by the Carlos family. The company’s CEO and chairman were Michael and his father. Thalia, his mother, passed away in 2011.

Chris Carlos attended the University of Florida for his studies after graduating from Woodward Academy. He has worked as the family company’ executive vice president and a partner of RNDC.

Major benefactors to organizations like Emory University include the Carlos family. Even structures are named after them. Chris Carlos took over the charitable wing’s management after his parents passed away.

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How Did Chris Carlos Start His Career?

Chris Carlos began his career as a merchandiser in Jacksonville, Florida. As he worked in many of the company’s national offices, he gained a thorough understanding of its operations.

Chris also helped NDC expand in Carolina, starting the neighboring company from scratch. Chris took over as the organization’s Executive Vice President of Georgia and dispatched NDC’s more significant division to Atlanta.

In addition, Chris joined Republic National Distributing Company (RNDC) in January 2007 as an associate partner. Online sources claim that RNDC is the second-largest distributor of alcoholic beverages, including beer.

Chris Carlos recently held a position on the board of directors for organizations like Ronald McDonald House, Murphy’s Heart, and Children’s Hospital. Chris also supports Emory University’s Carlos Museum, a collection of worldwide artwork, among his other community and humanitarian endeavors.

It was also given the names of his father and several adjacent charitable organizations, including the Atlanta Ballet and the Atlanta Zoo. The Carlos PSC Endowment is a project that Chris and his second wife Nicole started at The Mayo Clinic.

In addition to being a businessman, he is also a philanthropist and a member of numerous philanthropic foundations. Additionally, Chris had a board of directors position at March of Dimes. Online sites claim that Chris’s family is one of Atlanta’s wealthiest.

Additionally, Chris’ business is the second-largest distributor of fine wine and spirits in the USA. Chris assisted local nonprofits and charities like the Atlanta Ballet and Atlanta Zoo.

Who Is Chris Carlos?
Who Is Chris Carlos?

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Who Is Chris Carlos’s Wife?

A buddy arranged for Juliana Carlos (reportedly 25 years old) and Chris Carlos to go on two dates in March 2019. They got along well and were wed on December 24, 2020.

Chris Carlos has frequently attended Atlanta Hawks games with his wife, both current and ex-wives. In contrast to how he and Nicole went viral in 2017, Chris and Juliana received a ton of trolls after the most recent event. Chris reportedly jeered LeBron James on February 1 at the Lakers-Hawks game. James responded to the businessman, which Juliana found offensive.

Before she and her husband were kicked out of the venue, Juliana got into a verbal altercation with James. She became known as “Courtside Karen” and would further share her perspective while going live on Instagram.

In an interview given following the game, James addressed the situation. He felt that the pair shouldn’t have been kicked out, but the couple has received harsh criticism from his admirers.

They have received numerous remarks like “Blocked by James” and “Rent Free,” accusing them of clout-hunting. Chris Carlos has already expressed his distaste toward LeBron James. He said he doesn’t like him in a 2017 post. Instagram users have discovered the old posts and have added comments.

Who Is Chris Carlos?
Who Is Chris Carlos?

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How Many Kids Does He Have?

Until at least 2011, Chris Carlos was wed to a woman named Merry Leigh Hodges. Christina Michael Carlos, Catherine Marie Carlos, and Jordon Nicole Carlos are their three daughters. At least one grandchild belongs to Chris. On social media, he wrote about his daughter becoming a mother in 2020.

Later, in 2015, Carlos married Nicole Jockisch. When her provocative attire at an Atlanta Hawks-Philadelphia 76ers game became the buzz of the town in 2017, the former model went viral. Michael Jr., the son of Nicole and Chris, was born in 2016. Chris frequently posts about Michael on social media.