Chainsaw Man Season 2: What’s The Plot, Cast, And Release Date?

The first season of Chainsaw Man in 2022 was a particularly innovative addition to the seinen subgenre. We got what we got: strange characters, terrible enemies, and an original plotline that hides behind a few weird jokes. However, all will change once Chainsaw Man’s second season is available.

There will be a great deal of bloodshed and action, and it will be a pivotal moment for Denji and Pochita. The manga has revealed much about the future season, even if its release is still months away.

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Chainsaw Man Season 2 Release Date (Expected)

Season 2 of The Chainsaw Man won’t be formally confirmed. However, a reliable approximation of the same is still conceivable. MAPPA, the animation studio behind anime like Attack on Titan, similar to Chainsaw Man and Jujutsu Kaisen, produces the CSM series.

Except for the pandemic years, it is clear that MAPPA Studios follows a release schedule almost annually. Therefore, Chainsaw Man season 2 will be released in late 2023 or early 2024.

Chainsaw Man Season 2 Plot

At the end of Chainsaw Man’s first season, Denji subdues and captures the Katana Man during a violent encounter. The remaining members of Tokyo Special Division 4 finish the task by assembling the gun devil, which, when put together, moves in the devil’s direction.

Akane, the person in charge of the ghost devil and serpent demon, is also apprehended. She was the one who was in contact with the gun devil and was attempting to kill Makima’s entire squad with the aid of neighborhood thugs; it turned out.

But before the team could get any information from Akane, she employed the snake demon to help her kill herself. While explaining the matter to her supervisors, Makima argued that it might be because she broke her agreement with the gun devil.

Chainsaw Man Season 2 Cast

Chainsaw Man Season 2
Chainsaw Man Season 2

There is little question that Power, Makima, Denji, and Aki Hayakawa will return as the primary team. However, season 2 of Chainsaw Man will also feature several brand-new, notable characters and formidable demons, including:

  • Reze
  • Bomb devil hybrid
  • Pig devil
  • Typhoon devil
  • Devil hunters from various countries
  • Santa Claus
  • Crossbow devil hybrid
  • Cosmos fiend
  • Octopus devil
  • Hell devil
  • Darkness devil
  • Stone devil

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Chainsaw Man Season 2 Voice Actors

There hasn’t been any formal confirmation of the second season of Chainsaw Man’s entire cast. However, it is believed that the following voice actors from the Japanese form of the pilot season will return:

  • Kikunosuke Toya as Denji/Chainsaw Man
  • Tomori Kusunoki as Makima
  • Shogo Sakata as Aki Hayakawa
  • Fairouz Ai Kadota as Power
  • Shiori Izawa as Pochita
  • Reina Ueda as Reze

What Happened At The End of Chainsaw Man Season 1?

The Katana Man arc concluded the first season of Chainsaw Man. In conclusion, Denji uses a chainsaw blade that emerges from his leg to fight Katana Man aboard a train.

On the other hand, Aki and Denji hold a nut-kicking competition right before turning over Katana Man to the authorities. They want to contest to see who can scream the loudest sword devil. This served as a tribute to Himeno’s selfless deed.

A door was pointed toward the episode’s conclusion in Denji’s dream. Our hero tried to unlock it, but Pochita’s voice prevented him. The Bomb Girl plot was hinted at as the season’s first episode finished.

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