California Drought: New Drought Map Shows Impact of Recent Rain In California!

California Drought: The effects of California’s wet start to winter are depicted on a new drought map issued on Thursday. Although it’s not a miracle, there have been significant improvements when comparing this week’s drought conditions to those from just two weeks ago.

No region in California was categorized in the worst drought category, “extreme drought,” as of Tuesday (the most recent data available). On December 27 last month, 7% of the state fell into that most severe category.

The Central Valley has seen the most significant improvements, with the designation of an “extreme drought” completely vanishing. California’s area in the second-worst category likewise decreased by nearly 8%. Almost 98% of the state is still in a “moderate drought” or worse, despite weeks of rain.

According to officials, the state’s prolonged drought, approaching its fourth year, won’t be formally ended by the storms in January.

According to UCLA climate scientist Daniel Swain, “This is going to assist a lot with the short-term drought in Northern California, potentially even erase short-term drought conditions, but it’s going to take a lot more to negate the longer term, multi-year drought implications entirely.”

The past week’s third atmospheric river to reach the drought-stricken state is the storm-pounding California this week. With the most recent storm, at least two persons have passed away.

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, atmospheric rivers—named by researchers in the 1990s—occur all over the world but are particularly significant on the U.S. West Coast, where they provide 30% to 50% of the nation’s yearly precipitation.

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Every Thursday, the U.S. Drought Monitor updates its maps. Since rain is predicted to fall every day until then in some areas of the state, drought conditions may get even better next week.

California Drought
California Drought

Image Source: newsweek

Is The Rain Enough To End The Drought?

Numerous strategies and wet years will be required to compensate for the area’s protracted dry spell. A storm or even a damp year won’t solve the problem.

Recharging takes a long time in basins that rely on groundwater. If this is the last precipitation of the year, we might be in trouble once more in a month.

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