Is Brooke Henderson Engaged? Who Is Her Boyfriend Neil Doef?

A professional golfer on the Canadian LPGA Tour, Brooke Mackenzie Henderson. A person who doesn’t work for the government is referred to be “independent.” She became the youngest KPMG Women’s PGA Championship winner when she won her maiden major at 18.

Brooke was born in Smiths Falls, Canada, on September 10, 1997; she is 24 years old. Her parents are Dave and Darlene Henderson. The couple has two daughters, Brittany Henderson and Brooke Henderson, a professional golfer. In the past few years, Brooke has achieved 16 professional victories.

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Is Brooke Henderson Engaged?

Neil Doef and Brooke Henderson are the subjects of engagement rumors. No one has explicitly stated that they are dating one another. Furthermore, there aren’t any blatantly clear indications of their relationship on social media sites. But there’s a high probability the two aren’t telling anyone about their relationship.

Doef and Henderson, two Canadian athletes, were longtime friends. They are from Smiths Fall, Ontario, and are close friends. They both attended the same elementary school, according to the Pimiso. They have played together and supported one another in competitive games since they were little.

At golf tournaments, Doef and Brooke were regularly seen together. The reported lovers have traveled to several popular tourist destinations. And when it comes to sharing their priceless photos on their social media profiles, the stunning couple doesn’t hold back.

Is Brooke Henderson Engaged?
Is Brooke Henderson Engaged?

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How Did Brooke Henderson Meet Her Boyfriend?

Neil Doef’s girlfriend, Brooke Henderson, also sought a career in sports. Sports have impacted Canadian power couples and elevated Smith Falls as a result. Henderson, a Canadian professional golfer on the LPGA Tour, has been Neil’s companion for years while she has played for Princeton University.

Doef never achieved his dream of playing in the NHL, but his love has allowed him to compete at the most incredible level, making him proud. For 2015, 2017, and 2018, Henderson received the Canadian Press’s female athlete of the year award.

When Brooke won her maiden major at 18, she broke the record for the youngest victor of the KPMG Women’s PGA Championship. With 12 LPGA victories as of July 2022, Henderson had the most victories of any Canadian golfer competing on a major professional tour. She also won the 2022 Evian Event, her second major championship.

While Doef was busy competing for his institution, Brooke was picked as the 2019 Founders Award winner in November by votes from fellow LPGA Tour athletes.

The athletic couple began their sporting careers at different times. Neil started in 2009, while Brooke finally began playing professionally in 2012. As part of “Team Canada,” Golf Canada’s amateur and young professional development programs, Henderson also started training in 2012. She also started playing golf professionally in 2015 and has been one of the LGPA’s most reliable players.

Who Is Her Boyfriend, Neil Doef?

On February 10, 1997, Neil was born in Smiths Fall, Ontario, Canada. He is currently 24 years old. Neil is presently playing ice hockey for Princeton.

He graduated from Small Falls District Collegiate Institute and stood 5 feet 11 inches tall. Since he was a youngster, Brooke Henderson’s boyfriend, Neil Doef, has excelled in several sports. Like, he showed interest in soccer when he was younger.

Similarly, before joining the Princeton University squad, he played for the Smiths Falls Bears high school team. He scored 32 goals and assisted 52 times in 91 regular-season games across two seasons. Neil’s squad reached the CCHL Bogart Cup final in 2013/2014.

The hockey player was also recognized as the 2013–2014 League Rookie Player of the Year. Hockey prodigy Neil was chosen to play on Team Canada East at the 2014 World Junior A Challenge.

They aren’t married. According to numerous news sources, Brooke’s long-term lover is still seeing her. But neither party has explicitly stated that the two are dating.

There are no apparent signs of a relationship in her social media posts. They might be keeping their romance secret for the time being with plans to go public after their wedding.

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