Bette Midler Admits ‘Some Tailoring Done’ On Her Face!

Bette Midler is clearing any misconceptions about how she looks. At the CDGA Awards in Los Angeles on Monday, the actress, 77, said she had “some tailoring” done to her face as she accepted the outstanding collaborator award.

According to Page Six, Midler noted during her address that “time has a way of smoothing everything out.” “I’ve been doing it for about 60 years. And I know I look amazing. “When the audience applauded, she teased. “My face has undergone some tailoring.” The Hocus Pocus actress has previously spoken out against plastic surgery.

In an Extra interview from 2008, Midler mentioned that she was considering finishing some work. Doesn’t everyone think about it? She asked. “I probably will start to give it a perfect thing when it starts to cave in,” the speaker said.

Together with Midler, actresses Cate Blanchett, Christina Ricci, and Angela Bassett, who took home the spotlight prize, attended the renowned costume event. When PEOPLE chatted with Midler at the awards, she was gushing about her daughter’s doppelgänger Sophie von Haselberg’s upcoming movie role.

When asked if she had any advice for the 36-year-old when she first started acting, Midler told PEOPLE on the red carpet, “She wasn’t given any advice by me, but I must admit that she was in this movie. She portrays a performer from the 1970s doing a special in the recently released film Give Me Pity! Do you recall the specials?”

Bette Midler Admits 'Some Tailoring Done' On Her Face!

Midler said her kid is “wonderful” in the movie. And she’s dressed like I would have dressed, she added. “I simply asked Sophie, “Sophie, may I have that closet?” It excelled.” When asked if it’s difficult to watch her daughter navigate a complicated industry and follow in her footsteps, Midler responded that it’s a mix of the two.

“It is, and it isn’t. I think that life is challenging for everybody,” she explained. “It doesn’t matter if you’re in the business or if you’re in a different arena. It’s so hard. It’s very different. The last five years have been very challenging for everybody.”

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