Who Is Avis C. Robinson? Who Is Her Husband, Eugene Robinson?

As Avis Edna Collins, she was born on July 26, 1953, in Baltimore, Maryland. When 2022 comes to a close, she will be 69 years old.
She is the third child of her parents four children.

Her family comprises members who are Nottoway Indian, Black, and White. She attended Golden Gate University for her Master’s in Economics and Finance before transferring to Harvard University.

Who Is Avis C. Robinson?

The full name of Avis C. Robinson is Avis Collins Robinson. She serves as the non-governmental organization Washington Metropolitan Academics president and chief executive officer. The group seeks to assist African-American youth through the provision of various academic facilities.

The organization also concentrates on helping kids in selecting a particular educational path depending on their abilities, skills, and interests. Avis Robinson is well-liked for another reason while holding a distinguished position in a reputable non-governmental organization.

She is well-known for being the devoted spouse of American journalist and newspaper columnist Eugene Robinson. The adorable couple has been together since 1978 and is still madly in love. Additionally, they are proud parents of two kids. Please stay with us to learn more about the bond between Eugene and Avis and her life’s journey.

Where Was Avis C. Robinson Born?

Robinson was born and reared in Silver Spring, Maryland, where when she was four years old, her mother, a cancer researcher, was hired by the National Institutes of Health. She attended the Academy of Holy Cross, White Oak Jr. High School, and Colesville Elementary School in Maryland.

Alvis enrolled at the University of Maryland in 1971 to pursue a double major in economics and urban studies. She also pursued studies in visual arts and dance. Three years after completing her undergraduate degree, she moved to San Francisco and enrolled at Golden Gate University. She attended Golden Gate University for her Master’s in Economics and Finance before transferring to Harvard University.

How Did Avis C. Robinson Start Her Career?

In high school, Avis C. Robinson began to paint, and in her 20s, she began quilting. She didn’t start her career as an artist until the 2000s. She joined the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as the deputy director of the Office of Atmospheric Programs after finishing her studies in the late 1970s.

Robinson worked with the EPA for many years before leaving to pursue philanthropy. She established the Washington Metropolitan Scholars Program to assist more African-American students in enrolling in prestigious schools and universities. When Avis’s mixed-media image of Abraham Lincoln was chosen to be permanently exhibited in the recently refurbished entry foyer of Ford’s Theatre in Washington, her career as a professional artist officially began.

Since then, numerous of her paintings and textile creations have been exhibited in other structures, including the lobby of the American Mission to the UN in New York. Through her quilts and paintings, Robinson examines the deep-seated racial, gender, oppressive, and historical conflicts in America.

Who Is Avis C. Robinson?
Who Is Avis C. Robinson?

Who Is Her Husband, Eugene Robinson?

A married woman, Avis Robinson. Her husband, Eugene Harold Robinson, with whom she is presently married, is a man. He is a well-known figure and works as an associate editor for The Washington Post, a prominent daily newspaper.

Eugene and Avis have been married for more than forty years. Encyclopedia claims they married on September 23, 1978, and have been a couple ever since. The adorable pair also welcomed their two children from their union. Aaron Eugene and Lowell Edward are their names.

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What Is Avis C. Robinson’s Net Worth?

Avis C. Robinson accrues wealth through a variety of social activities. She founded a well-known non-governmental group and worked hard to advance the cause. Additionally, she gained notoriety after Avis published a stunning mixed-media image of Abraham Lincoln. She consequently earns good money throughout her career as an artist. Online sources suggest that by 2022, Avis will have a net worth of $2 million.

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