Who Is Artis Mills? Is He Still Alive? 

Etta James’ husband is Artis Mills. In 1969, Artis and Etta were united in marriage and remained so until her passing in 2012. James, the wife of American singer Artis Mills, sang gospel, blues, R&B, soul, jazz, rock, and roll, among other styles.

Who Is Artis Mills?

Artis Mills is a well-known celebrity. Before diverting media attention away from his romantic involvement, he had an everyday existence. He enjoys leading a quiet life and craves alone. This makes it difficult for us to learn much about his professional background. Furthermore, it is currently unknown what he does for a living. Artis hasn’t done anything particularly noteworthy to get the media’s attention. The only reason the general public knows him is that he was the ex-husband of well-known American singer Etta James.

They first started dating in 1969 and remained together until death tore them apart. Artis’ wife, Etta, abused alcohol and suffered from Alzheimer’s. But Artis was a devoted husband who stood by his wife through all her highs and lows. Continue reading to learn more about the former couple’s journey together.

How Did Artis Mills Start His Career?

Artis Mills has not used the internet in his daily life. There is no trustworthy information regarding his professional life or job. After marrying Etta James, he gained notoriety. Regarding her professional life, Etta James is a well-known singer and socialite. She became famous for her gospel singing in her church choir and on the radio at five, becoming a gospel prodigy.

She moved up to San Francisco at 12, joined a trio, and soon started working for the band’s leader Johnny Otis. She also signed with Leonard Chess’ record company Chess Records, in 1960. She also contributed backup vocals to Chuck Berry’s Back in the USA on their shared record company and added strings to her 1960 smash ballad, My Dearest Darling.

Additionally, she released Trust in Me with ropes and her anthem At Last! in early 1961. At Last! Peaked at number two on the R&B chart. Similarly, she released her second studio album, The Second Time Around, in 1961. This album featured strings on several songs, giving rise to the hit singles Fool That I Am and Don’t Cry, Baby. In 1962, she also started infusing gospel influences into her songs.

Something’s Got a Hold on Me and Stop the Wedding peaked at #6 on the R&B chart. After a decade-long battle with drug addiction and alcoholism, she released two albums in 1989, Seven Year Itch and Stickin’ to My Guns, both produced by Barry Becket and recorded at Fame Studios.

Who Is Artis Mills?
Who Is Artis Mills?

How Did Meet Etta James And Her Husband, Artis Mills?

James and Mills have not provided any details regarding the circumstances of their meeting. However, they were wed in a lovely ceremony in front of their friends, family, and loved ones from 1969 to January 2012.

Don James and Sametto James, James’ two sons, were born to various dads. Don played the drums at Montreux in 1993, while Sametto played the bass guitar in 2003. Both of them began performing with their mother.

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Is He Still Alive?

The husband of Etta James is still very much alive. There hasn’t been a single rumour or word of his passing. Artis Mills’ marriage to Etta James played a significant role in his rise to fame. His marriage to the well-known singer remained strong until death did them part, despite being racked by problems involving drug usage and addiction.

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