‘are You the One?’ Season 6 Couples List: Which Perfect Matches Are Still Together?

20 singles who “suck at love” competed for a $1 million prize on Are You the One? in 2017 to find their perfect match based on an algorithm. Season 6 Which of the original foursomes is still going strong?

Are You the One’s first and only perfect matches? Episode 9 of Season 6 took place in the Honeymoon Suite.
After the event, he was unable to break out of the “friendzone,” and the couple never pursued a romantic relationship again.

Anthony Martin and Alexis Eddy

Because of their intense concentration on confirmed no matches, Anthony and Alexis never sat together during a match-up ceremony until the finale. Since their season was over, they didn’t go on to develop a romantic relationship or do anything else together.

Clinton Moxam and Geles Rodriguez

It wasn’t until later in the season that Clinton and Uche Nwosu formed a close friendship that Geles and Anthony became aware of one another. It wasn’t until the end of the competition that Clinton and Uche sat next to each other at various ceremonies. After the program, they didn’t even try to get together romantically.

Dimitri Valentin and Nurys Mateo

A love triangle developed between him and Diandra Delgado as a result of his prolonged courtship with the latter. Until the big reveal at the end, the two had only ever sat next to each other once. A romantic relationship was never formed between the two people.

Ethan Cohen and Zoe Pugh

Zoe was preoccupied with Joe Torgerson during the first half of AYTO Season 6, while Ethan was unable to establish a rapport with the other ladies.

Only once before the finale did they sit next to each other at a match-up ceremony.

Joe Torgerson and Uche Nwosu

Because of her passionate feelings for Clinton, Uche and Joe were never more than acquaintances. Thus, they did not pursue a romance after the season.

Kareem Fathalla and Diandra Delgado

They just started sitting next to each other towards the conclusion of the season because of Aliva Hunter’s fling with Malcolm and Nurys’ love triangle with Nuys. Following the season, neither of them pursued a romantic relationship.


Keith Klebacher and Jada Allen

When Keith and Alexa realized they weren’t a good match, they didn’t shun each other. No one in the house knew Jada, despite her desire for a chance to meet Clinton. After the filming was over, she and Keith didn’t try to get back together.

Are You the One Season 6

Malcolm Drummer and Alivia Hunter

At the beginning of the season, neither Malcolm nor Alivia paid much attention to each other since they were too busy focusing on Diandra, Nurys, or Alivia’s relationship with Kareem. Because of this, they did not pursue a relationship.

Michael Johnson and Keyana Land

However, Michael wanted to seek other relationships in the home, so he and Keyana had a solid start. In the end, they chose not to pursue a long-term relationship after the show ended.

David Shad and Audrey Diaz

Audrey and Shad sat next to each other multiple times during the match-up ceremonies, but he was the one she had her sights set on. She returned her attention to Shad after it was proven that they were a bad match. After the show, the two didn’t go on a date.
No one from Are You the One has been a perfect match for you? Season 6 hasn’t broken up yet. Clinton is currently married to Uche, even though the Truth Booth indicated the two were not a good match.
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