Are Morgan Stewart And Brendan Divorced? Who Is Her Ex-Husband?

On May 22, 1988, Morgan Stewart was born in Beverly Hills, California. Morgan’s father, Herb Stewart, is a highly successful architect who has completed jobs worldwide. Morgan considered going to medical school and becoming a doctor at one point. She also studied communications at Pace College in New York, though she admitted that she wasn’t exactly a model pupil.

In an interview, Morgan revealed that she failed every class she took while in school and called her brief stint in college a “$150,000 vacation.” Her desire to choose the less-travelled path and concentrate on a more creative pursuit, like owning a website, was only strengthened by this encounter.

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What Is Morgan Stewart’s Net Worth?

As of 2022, Morgan Stewart’s net worth was about $7 million. She is an American national, a 34-year-old reality TV star, fashion blogger, social media influencer, and entrepreneur. After she appeared in the reality television program Rich Kids of Beverly Hills in 2014, she attracted much attention. She eventually succeeded in rising to prominence and influence.

She has consistently received compliments for her distinctive sense of style, character, and real-life living. She has more than 1.5 million Instagram followers, indicating that she is highly active on the platform.

In addition, Morgan Stewart runs a fashion blog called “morganstewartspot” and is an entrepreneur. Through this blog, she shares her fashion ideas with other people.

Who Is Morgan Stewart’s Parents And Siblings?

She has a mother named Susan Stewart and a father named Herb Stewart. She also has a brother, although we are not yet aware of their name. Additionally, her brother’s schizophrenia is a well-known condition.

There isn’t any additional information currently available about her family members, including her cousins, grandparents, and other kin. She prefers keeping her personal and family privacy out of the public eye. She may rarely talk about them in front of the public as a result.

How Did Morgan Steward Start Her Career?

Are Morgan Stewart And Brendan Divorced?
Are Morgan Stewart And Brendan Divorced?

The prominent blogger for the website, which documents Morgan Stewart’s opulent lifestyle and advises other socialites and would-be socialites, lives in Beverly Hills, California. Her blog’s name is said to have been inspired by her admiration for her physical features and 200 pairs of Louboutin shoes.

As one of the socialites featured in the E! reality series “Rich Kids of Beverly Hills,” Morgan rose to stardom. The program follows Ms Stewart and four other affluent young adults daily going about their luxurious lives. Because Morgan is known for partying hard, her friends frequently rescue her from awkward social situations.

She dated Brendan Fitzpatrick, another cast member, while on the show. Stewart was one of the central characters in the television series Rich Kids of Beverly Hills, which ran for four seasons from 2014 to 2016.

Additionally, she has appeared in episodes of Hell’s Kitchen, Kocktails with Khloe, Life from E!, Hello Ross!, Steve Harvey, Bethenny, and others. Morgan currently owns and operates Morgan Stewart Sport, a sportswear business. She founded her company in 2017. She also hosts the programs Daily Pop and Nightly Pop.

Who Is Morgan Stewart’s Ex-Husband, Brendan Fitzpatrick?

The 32-year-old Brendan Fitzpatrick co-starred with Stewart on the same reality TV program. He now specializes in residential sales in California, concentrating on luxury areas of Los Angeles.

Another Rich Kids of Beverly Hills actress, Roxy Sowlaty, who is now married and expecting a child, according to her Instagram, was rumoured to be his girlfriend. Brendan also ignited dating speculations after his breakup with Stewart when he was seen with Bachelor alumna Amanda Stanton in Los Angeles.

Are Morgan Stewart And Brendan Divorced?

On July 30, 2021, Morgan and Brendan divorced under the legal decree. They started dating in 2016, and after it was revealed that she had an inappropriate relationship with a former E! network executive, they filed for divorce in October 2019. The Sun has exclusive knowledge that on June 11, 2020, the parties submitted a declaration for an uncontested dissolution.

According to the Los Angeles Superior Court records, Morgan and Brendan “entered into a written agreement about their property and marriage,” which also covered spousal maintenance and legal costs. The divorce judgment’s ex-spouses waived their right to a trial and an appeal. The written agreement was submitted for the court’s “approval” by the parties.

Who Is Morgan Stewart with?

Jordan McGraw and Morgan got married in December 2020. Early in 2021, the couple welcomed a daughter, Row Renggli. Grey Oliver, Morgan and Jordan’s second child together, was born on February 17, 2022. Morgan shared a picture of the couple right after they became engaged along with the message, “Plenty to grin about.” Jordan’s father, Dr Phil, left the following statement on Morgan’s adorable Instagram post: “Robin and I are very delighted for you and Jordan.

I’m so happy to include you in the family! I adore you both. Three months into their romance, Morgan officially declared their union. She admitted that they had dated before she started dating Brendan. “He ended our one-year relationship ten years ago by saying, “I’m not down with you, b***h.” After that, I said, “Fine, whatever; I don’t care. I’m over you.”

I indeed continued to have another relationship after that, “She spoke. Then we reconnected during the previous year. Not bad, huh? When he persisted, I said, “All right.”

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