Are Brandi And Jarrod Still Together? What Did Both of Them Say On The Breakup During The Interview?

Are Brandi And Jarrod Still Together: The dynamic duo from Storage Wars, Jarrod Schulz and Brandi Passante, have separated, leaving fans to wonder what happened to them.

Given that marriage in the US only have a 50% chance of remaining together, there must be a minimal possibility that a relationship can withstand the demands of reality show fame. When one of the famous married couples on reality television announced their separation, fans were startled.

Ironically, Brandi and Jarrod never got married in a ceremony. Although they shared a business, regarded each other as their life partners, and had children together, they never exchanged wedding vows.

Brandi is now a single reality star and the mother of her kids. Due to demands from the children, although both children are now teenagers, you won’t find many mentions of them on either parent’s social media profiles.

The family has chosen to keep their children’s private affairs private instead. Likewise, now we can see people searching for Are Brandi And Jarrod Still Together?

Are Brandi And Jarrod Still Together?

In 2014, A&E gave them their spinoff, Brandi & Jarrod: Married to the Job. Although they were never legally wed, they were a long-term pair and did have two children together. Brandi has previously claimed on Facebook that she is their mother “24/7.”

Why Brandi Passante And Jarrod Schulz Split?

Are Brandi And Jarrod Still Together?
Are Brandi And Jarrod Still Together?

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Many Storage Wars viewers were unaware that Jarrod and Brandi were no longer together until the Season 13 premiere, claims People Magazine. During the show, Brandi mentioned that she was no longer dating Jarrod.

Even though they were not a couple, Jarrod says in a previous interview that they could still attend the same auctions. Fans of Storage Wars concur that the ex-lovers fare poorly in the same episode of the show.

They have a toxic connection as a result of their past. For instance, Jarrod stated unequivocally that he would outbid Brandi on properties he did not even want to keep her from acquiring them.

It turns out that Brandi Passante and Jarrod Schulz divorced a long time ago. Simply put, the couple agreed not to make a big deal out of their breakup. But during the previous few years, Brandi’s Instagram followers realized that she and Jarrod weren’t dating.

Jarrod gradually vanished from her Instagram feed. She was spotted having fun with other individuals by her admirers. She was also taking trips without Jarrod.

People began to wonder what had happened to Jarrod and where he was. Brandi Passante mostly disregarded these remarks. At this point, fans thought the relationship was finished.

In November 2018, Brandi Passante and Jarrod Schulz divorced. After they wrapped up Season 12 of Storage Wars, they broke up. As previously reported, she briefly discussed her separation from The Dad Diary during a Facebook Live interview.

Unfortunately, Brandi has never provided a detailed explanation of their breakup. Fans, however, believe it was due to their somewhat toxic relationship. At least in the show’s episodes, the pair didn’t seem to complement one another.

What Did Both of Them Say On The Breakup During The Interview?

Fans of Storage Wars are now aware that Brandi and Jarrod are parents to two kids. They are therefore left to question what the divorce caused to the kids.

Sadly, it doesn’t sound like they did it exceptionally well. In truth, Brandi frequently presents herself in interviews as doing most, if not all, childcare for their kids.

She was questioned about her kids during the interview. The way Brandi Passante answered the query seemed to hint at some irritation.

She was the primary caregiver even when they were still together, so it seemed like the split up didn’t change much. In other words, aside from Daddy being much less present… For her kids, perhaps not much truly changed. Things might have gotten better without their toxic relationship in the same home.

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