Who Will The American Idol 2023 Winner? Our Predictions After Every Episode

Last Sunday night, the Top 5 contestants for American Idol 2023 were announced. They are Iam Tongi, Wé Ani, Megan Danielle, Zachariah Smith, and Colin Stough. Although there is a fair diversity of styles and abilities, chances are that one of the males will end up with the recording deal.

Who Will Win American Idol 2023?

The odds of a woman winning American Idol appear to be increasing. Only seven women have won in the series 21 seasons on television. And it appears like it will happen once more this season. Wé Ani, the woman who ought to win American Idol 2023, will finish second or third, and I am Tongi will take home the trophy.

Band from the few times I’ve spoken to him, it looks like he’s a lovely man, which may be what America is noticing. They are accepting his narrative. But compared to Wé, who has a wider range and can sing a variety of musical genres, what he performs is considerably more constrained.

Of course, Wé also has more experience, particularly since she participated in The Voice in 2016 as a 16-year-old while competing under the name McDonald. She placed third on Team Alicia Keys in season 11, and she currently appears poised to do the same on American Idol.

Megan Danielle, like Wé, competed on The Voice. She placed tenth on Team Kelly Clarkson in 2020 at 17. Megan, who used to perform pop-rock, is now a Christian singer and a fan favorite on Idol.

Zachariah Smith, a more dynamic rock vocalist, has made it thus far despite having little expertise and polish when he started the competition. Voters like his charisma and dedication to his performances.

Finally, country cutie Colin Stough. Katy Perry named him “Brad Pitt of country music.” Colin might be a surprise winner like Noah Thompson last season. He may make the Top 3. His surprising performances of Robyn’s “Dancing On My Own” and Alanis Morissette’s “Hand in My Pocket” have kept him in the game.

Kelly Clarkson, Fantasia Barrino, Carrie Underwood, and Jordin Sparks all won their seasons in the first six seasons of Idol, but that was before social media and people had to phone in their votes. While there hasn’t been researching on how voting by app, text, or online affects voters, younger women who vote for men seem to be the norm.

This season’s Top 8 had no Platinum Ticket winners, which was interesting. America voted out Tyson Venegas, the first ticket recipient.

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Elijah McCormick, America’s Platinum Ticket, was eliminated on the second night in Hawaii, surprising the judges. On Showstoppers’ second night, judges eliminated Cam Allen. Cam’s performance was hampered by nerves, so that wasn’t a surprise. Hollywood Week eliminated Kaylin Hedges, the last Platinum Ticket holder.

American Idol

So, what does that say about the relevance of the Platinum Ticket, which did much better last season when HunterGirl, who was one of three recipients, finished in second place?

Idol executive producer/showrunner Megan Wolflick told Parade that she liked the idea of discontinuing Platinum Tickets next year because of their failure to place this season.

“It’s always an element of surprise and I like that last year you had two that made it very, very far [HunterGirl finished second, Jay Copeland made it top 7, and Kenedi Anderson dropped out],” she continued. “And this year, none. But I think it just keeps people guessing, it’s another element. It’s real time when the judges give them away, so they’re just feeling something in the moment. It’s not like we go back at the end and review everybody, it’s literally like, ‘I feel it, I’m going to go for it.’ I like that spontaneity, and sometimes you’re right and sometimes you’re wrong.”

Katy Perry adds that luck helps.

“We can only do so much,” the Idol judge says. “There’s a combination of things that have to align. And one third of those things, the ingredients, is luck. So, it can be talent, hard work and timing, that’s all that’s got to align for you to have that moment, and sometimes luck isn’t in our hands.”

On Sunday, May 14, ABC will unveil the Top 3 on American Idol’s semifinals at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT. Sunday, May 21, will reveal the winner.

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