Aitch And Chicken Shop Date’s Amelia Dimoldenberg Confirm Relationship!

Dimoldenberg attended St. Marylebone School while growing up in Marylebone, City of Westminster. Paul Dimoldenberg, a councilman for the Labour Party in Westminster, is her father.

She took A-level courses in English, art, politics, and information technology before graduating from Central Saint Martins in London with a BA in Fashion Communication and a Foundation Diploma in Art and Design.

She has stated, “I was always on the outskirts of the ultra-fashionable scene and left the party-going to those who had the stamina and the invite,” about her time in college. 

So, who is Amelia Dimoldenberg’s Boyfriend? Here’s everything to know about Aitch.

Who Is Amelia Dimoldenberg Boyfriend?

Following weeks of speculation, Aitch appears to have confirmed he is dting Amelia Dimoldenberg from Chicken Shop Date.

The ‘Buss Down’ rapper, whose actual name is Harrison Armstrong, first sparked dting rumours with Amelia after posting a series of dates on TikTok that included glimpses of a girl who followers mistakenly believed to be the YouTube star.

Aitch turned to TikTok to disclose it was the 28-year-old he had been going on dates with after receiving hundreds of comments from followers desperate to know if he was dting Amelia.

The new video shows Aitch and Amelia having a blast while on a date, playing bowling and sharing shots.

The rapper kisses Amelia on the cheek at the end of the TikTok, prompting even more comments from fans ecstatic about the new relationship.

“OH MY GOD, MY LIFE IS COMPLETE,” wrote on fan.

Another wrote, “It is unnatural how invested in this I am.”

Amelia continued to spread relationship rumours by uploading a picture of them both at the bowling alley to her Instagram Stories.

Amelia Dimoldenberg Boyfriend

Aitch’s new song “Baby,” which he has been promoting for weeks, is scheduled for release shortly, and some fans have questioned whether his date evenings with Amelia are simply advertisements for the new love ballad.

“Better not be for publicity,” said one fan, while another wrote: “U better not be playin [sic].”

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Although Aitch and Amelia haven’t officially confirmed they are a couple, it’s safe to assume their followers are very interested!

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