What Is Alex Wassabi Age? What Is His Real Name?

Alex Wassabi Age: The American town of Great Fall, Montana, is where the YouTube celebrity was born. He moved to Lexington, Kentucky, with his family. After two years, they moved to Durham, North Carolina, in the United States.

The actor’s mother is Maribel, while his father is a businessman named Adam. The YouTuber grew up with his sister Mariah two brothers called Andrew and Aaron and them. YouTube stars also include Alex Wassabi’s brothers. Alex Wassabi Age

What Is Alex Wassabi Age?

Alex Wassabi, born on March 28, 1990, Alex Wassabi Age will be 32 years old in 2022. He came from a stable Christian home in Montana, where he was born and raised.

Although he was raised in Lexington, Kentucky, he eventually relocated to Durham, North Carolina. He belongs to the American nationality and practices Christianity as his faith.

Where Was Alex Wassabi Born And Raised?

A popular figure on Instagram and YouTube is Alex Wassabi. His YouTube channel, “Wassabi,” which he launched in 2005, now has 11 million subscribers, making him one of the platform’s top users. In addition, he publishes vlogs on a personal channel of the same name.

He was born in the American city of Great Falls, Montana. Alex Justin Burriss is the actual name of the YouTuber. He values the Filipino portion of his family because he is part Filipino.

Alex stated in one of his videos that he had visited the Philippines once and longed to return. Two brothers and a sister helped raise Mr. Burriss as a child.

Alex moved a lot as a child; his parents initially moved the family to North Carolina and Kentucky. Alex attended school there. He was diagnosed with ADHD, which made studying challenging for him. Despite this, the teenager completed his GED and even went on to attend college.

He began using YouTube because of his friend Roy. Before Alex, Roy started the channel and asked his pal to be in one of his videos. Alex quickly gained much public interest, motivating him to start his own YouTube channel.

Alex now considers it his duty to amuse and make people laugh. He also tried his hand at acting, making an appearance in the $48 million-grossing comedy-horror movie “Boo 2! A Madea Halloween.”

When Did Alex Wassabi Get His Education?

What Is Alex Wassabi Age?
What Is Alex Wassabi Age?

Image Source: tubefilter.com

For Alex Wassabi, middle school significantly impacted his life. He was also given an ADHD diagnosis, which made it difficult for him to focus in class. Despite his illness, he could still finish the academic year and earn his college degree.

Alex Wassabi was already en route to becoming a YouTube Star when he was finishing up his collegiate career. In middle school, he became friends with Roi Fabio, and the two began creating YouTube videos. Their videos included dance, comedy, and lip-sync performances.

The two relocated to Los Angeles after finishing their undergraduate degrees to expand their YouTube feeds. The decision was instantly rewarded because they were there when they created their most well-known video to date, a spoof of Carly Rae Jepsen’s Call Me Maybe. With over 100 million views and millions of subscribers, the video sent Alex and Roi to the top of the YouTube ladder.

What Is His Real Name?

Alex Wassabi is his online alter ego, but before he met Roi Fabio and started the adventure that would make him the dominant personality online, he was just a typical son of his parents.

His real name is Alex Burriss. He was born on March 28, 1990, in Great Falls, Montana, but his family was forced to relocate to Kentucky when he was a year old.

After living in Kentucky for two years, his family moved again to North Carolina, where he attended middle school and made a bond with a Filipino youngster that would ultimately transform his life.

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How Did Alex Wassabi Start His YouTube Career?

What Is Alex Wassabi Age?
What Is Alex Wassabi Age?

Image Source: gluwee.com

As a YouTuber, Alex Wassabi launched his professional career. He established Wassabi Productions on YouTube with his friend Roi Wassabi, where they mostly posted skits and mock music videos.

After releasing a parody video of the hit song Call Me Maybe in 2012, which has amassed more than 140 million views, they gained international notoriety.

Over the years, the majority of their movies became viral, and their YouTube channel soon rose to the top of the platform in terms of subscribers.

After a friend departed his previous channel in 2016, he moved it to Burriss and has been posting gaming-related videos on his YouTube account ever since.

2017 saw Alex Wassabi make her acting debut in the well-known comedy-horror movie Boo 2! A Madea Halloween. Later that year, he appeared in the YouTube series Escape the Night.

He collaborated with the YouTube Factory and well-known internet stars like Dwayne Johnson and Lily Singh that same year. He will appear on the YouTube series The Great Gift Exchange in 2020 to support the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Who Are His Siblings? Is He Single?

Adam Burriss, Alex Wassabi’s father, is a prosperous businessman, and Maribel Burriss is a stay-at-home mother. His sister Mariah Burriss and his two other siblings, YouTube stars Andrew Burriss and Aaron Burriss, round up his family.

At the moment, Alex Wassabi is unmarried. He is not currently dating anyone, but he has previously been linked to YouTuber Lauren Riihimaki.

Before they made their breakup official in 2018, the couple had been together for almost three years. Before it, he was romantically involved with well-known internet personalities, including Olalla Lopez and Vanessa Merrell.

What Is Alex Wassabi Net Worth?

The $15 million net worth of Alex Wassabi. He derives most of his income from his acting career, YouTube channel, and many other businesses. Alex Wassabi’s Instagram account and YouTube channel have more than a million subscribers.

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