Alec Baldwin ‘Rust’ To Resume Filming This Spring!

More than a year after the film’s cinematographer, Halyna Hutchins, was fatally shot on the set, work will restart on Alec Baldwin’s western “Rust.” Even after troubled star Baldwin was charged with federal charges of involuntary manslaughter last week in connection with the killing, he and the other movie producers have pledged the show must go on. The production was put on hold after the tragic death.

In October 2021, at the Bonanza Creek Ranch filming location in New Mexico, Baldwin fired a prop gun that was accidentally loaded with a live bullet, killing 42-year-old director Joel Souza and severely injuring him. This incident changed the course of the film.

Although the 64-year-old actor claims he did not shoot Hutchins, the Santa Fe County District Attorney’s Office said Thursday that he would be charged with murder.

The celebrity may serve up to five years in prison if found guilty. The armorer from the film, Hannah Gutierrez-Reed, who was 24 at the time and was reportedly referred to as “a bit sloppy with the guns,” is accused of the same crime as Baldwin.

David Halls, the assistant director who provided Baldwin the loaded gun as part of a plea agreement, agreed to be charged with a misdemeanor. What more may be anticipated as “Rust” production continues despite accusations against lead actor and producer Baldwin?

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What Stage of Production Is “Rust” In?

According to The New York Times, close to the production, filming on the American Western will resume this month, with Souza serving as director once more. This time around, the project will have new safety procedures, including on-set safety supervisors and union crew members. The filming will exclude working firearms and live ammunition, including blank gun cartridges.

It’s unknown where the film will be shot whenever its production continues, though locales in California were most recently under consideration, according to the Times.

The western was previously being produced just outside Santa Fe at Bonanza Creek Ranch; however, last year, the production indicated that returning to New Mexico was not an option. A release date for the movie has yet to be established.

What Is The Plot of “Rust”?

Alec Baldwin 'Rust' To Resume Filming This Spring!

Focus is placed on Baldwin’s character, Harland Rust, and his quest to assist his estranged 13-year-old grandson in the 1880s Kansas-set American Western movie. The unhappy kid is forced to care for his younger brother and fend for himself after his parents pass away.

After being sentenced to death by hanging for accidentally killing a local rancher, he “goes on the run with his long-estranged grandfather,” according to the movie’s IMDb narrative summary.

Baldwin practiced a “cross draw” with a Colt.45 when the shot was discharged. When the fatal incident happened, he practiced a scenario where his character guns his way out of a church after being besieged by law enforcement. IMDb reports that Frances Fisher, Jensen Ackles, and Travis Fimmel will also appear in the movie.

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