Who Is Akshat Jain’s Wife? How Was His UPSC Exam Preparation Journey?

Indian IAS official Akshat Jain, born in Rajasthan, is also a designer, media and internet personality, motivational speaker, and influencer. He became well-known after receiving the second-best All-India Rank in the 2018 UPSC examinations.

One of the youngest boys to pass the test with the best grade is Akshat. He has also given presentations on how to prepare for the UPSC exams. In addition, he has authored a book on “Anthropology” for students.

Where Was Akshat Jain Born?

He was born in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India, in the year 1995. Akshat Jain was born into a very established and orderly family. His mother, Simmi Jain, works for the Indian government as an IRS officer, while his father, DC Jain, is an IPS officer in Rajasthan. Akshat stated in his interview that his parents were his inspiration and constant sources of motivation for him to reach his desired goal of becoming an IAS.

Akshat Jain is of Indian descent. The Jain religion is practiced by Akshat Jain, born under Aries’s sign. In addition, Akshat has a brother, although no details are known about him.

How Did Akshat Jain Get His Education? Who Are His Parents?

Akshat Jain is from a Jaipur, Rajasthan, family that values education greatly. His parents have administrative positions; his mother, Simmi Jain, works as an IRS officer, and his father, DC Jain, is an IPS officer from Rajasthan. He has always been motivated by his parents to work hard in his studies so that he can become an IAS official. If you’re talking about his siblings, we’ve learned from our sources that he has a younger brother who aspires to work in the administration like his brother and dad.

Our young IAS officer, Akshat Jain, comes from Jaipur, Rajasthan, and he is an Indian citizen. Being an IAS, he wants to devote his entire life to serving his country and is a very patriotic individual who always works for its advancement.

Although Akshat Jain was successful on his first attempt at the UPSC CSE exam, he wasn’t demotivated, and with more zeal and enthusiasm, he prepared well and appeared for the second time for the exam. His outstanding dedication and intense preparation made him the second-top scorer on the UPSC CSE exam in 2018.

Akshat Jain excelled in school early and achieved a grade point average of 94% in his 12th board exam. He began preparing for the UPSC CSE exam in the ninth grade since he always cherished becoming an IAS officer and holding an excellent administrative position like his parents. This shows his commitment to his career.

If we inquire about his romantic state, we must learn that he is single and not involved with anyone because he is currently committed to his career as an Indian Administrative officer and working to improve his country. Our very young IAS officer is an Aries, according to the zodiac.

Who Is Akshat Jain's Wife?
Who Is Akshat Jain’s Wife?

Who Is Akshat Jain’s Wife?

The majority of us learned about Antarctica as children from our geography textbooks. However, meeting someone with Antarctica on their bucket list is uncommon. However, on February 28, Akshat Jain and his wife, Sona Jain, will embark on their epic journey to Antarctica.

The first person to have trekked to the North and South Poles, Sir Robert Swan, will lead an 80-strong party of explorers to Antarctica. Akshat and Sona will be among them. This expedition aims to increase public awareness of sustainability and climate change.

To battle the effects of climate change, this expedition intends to build a movement of energy and climate champions. They will learn how to live sustainably, explore how climate change affects Antarctica, visit research facilities, and receive leadership development training while on the expedition.

Sona, a native of Rajasthan, stated that as we learn more about the issue, we conclude that it is the most significant problem now affecting humanity. “By making changes in our own lives and supporting broader efforts in our community, we can all do our share to lessen the long-term effects of climate change.

Through this journey, we hope to learn more and contribute in some small way to the community to encourage a sustainable future. When asked why this expedition would only travel to Antarctica, Akshat responded, “Antarctica has pristine snow-covered landscapes and a diversity of unique fauna.

All around the world, it has an impact on ocean systems and temperature. Ice is melting, sea levels are increasing, and icebergs are separating from the continent of Antarctica due to global warming. These factors may cause major coastal cities to flooding and large populations of people to leave their homes worldwide.

We will get the chance to personally witness the effects of climate change as a result of this Antarctic journey, which will also provide us with the knowledge we need to emphasize how important it is to take quick action.

When Did Akshat Jain Start His Career?

Akshat has experience as a designer for a few businesses. According to his LinkedIn page, he held the position of Head of Corporate Relations and Marketing at Alcheringa, IIT Guwahati, between 2015 and 2016. Additionally, he obtained training as a UX Design Student at Bangalore’s Samsung R&D Institute.

After finishing his education, Akshat starts preparing for the IAS officer examination. With only three months of preparation, he failed his preliminary exam in his first attempt at the UPSC exams in 2017. He then decided to prepare for the exam for an entire year.

Akshat studied extensively before taking the exam in 2018. He performed flawlessly, placing second overall in India. He scored 198 points in the interview and 882 points on the written component of the leading exam. Akshat scored 1080 points in total. He also acquired administrative training at the Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration.

Akshat has discussed his study plan with IAS candidates during multiple interviews. He suggested that people read “The Hindu” every day, although he counseled against spending too much time doing so. In addition, making notes is consistently the best way to summarize a subject.

He suggested that the aspirant draft sample answers on the first study day. Aspirants should also evaluate and analyze themselves at least once every week or once per month. “Karna hai to Karna hai” was Jain’s adage.

Who Is Akshat Jain's Wife?
Who Is Akshat Jain’s Wife?

What Is Akshat Jain’s Net Worth?

We all know that Akshat worked as a designer for several businesses before becoming an IAS officer. However, he increased his fortune and earned a respectable sum thanks to all those occupations.

Like his parents, he is currently employed as a civil worker, which enables him to save up a large sum of money. Akshat Jain’s current net worth has reportedly been estimated to be somewhere between $2 and $3 crores.

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How Was His UPSC Exam Preparation Journey?

Please explain how Akshat Jain passed the IAS exam. As was already said, Akshat was inspired by his parents, who were both government employees. His mother, Mrs. Simmi Jain, an Indian Revenue Service (IRS) officer, is the ADG of the National Academy of Customs, Indirect Taxes, and Narcotics (NACIN) in Jaipur, and his father, D.C. Jain, is currently the Joint Director in the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), New Delhi.

He chose to take the UPSC exam after receiving a degree in design from college. Although he failed the exam on his first try, he learned from his errors and prepared for it again. He also decided to study alone rather than enroll in coaching classes. He carefully planned his schedule and adhered to it.

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