Aerosmith Singer Steven Tyler Accused Of Sexual Assault of A Minor!

Aerosmith Singer Steven Tyler Accused Of Sexual Assault:  According to a new lawsuit, Steven Tyler sexually abused a 16-year-old girl in the past and had an unlawful relationship with her that culminated in him demanding she terminates their kid.

Although the venerable frontman of Aerosmith is not named in the lawsuit, he is one of 50 defendants who have been designated as “Does.” Julia Holcomb, the plaintiff, and accuser, has previously spoken publicly about their relationship and uses specific passages from the singer’s 2011 autobiography as evidence in her lawsuit.

Tyler’s biography made a mysterious allusion to his involvement with a minor, but he insisted it was a “romantic, loving relationship.” According to the documents obtained by Rolling Stone, Holcomb first encountered Tyler at an Aerosmith concert in Portland, Oregon, in 1973, shortly after she was 16 years old.

Tyler allegedly invited Holcomb back to his hotel room, where they talked about her age and difficult home situation. Tyler was about 25 years old at the time.

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Tyler “committed several acts of criminal sexual conduct,” according to Holcomb, at that point. She claims that after flying her as a child illegally across state borders to Seattle for Aerosmith’s upcoming concert, he proceeded to have intercourse with her, possibly violating the Mann Act.

Additionally, according to the documents, Tyler attempted to persuade Holcomb’s mother to grant him guardianship of her daughter so he could fully care for her.

However, Holcomb claims that Tyler abandoned his plans “in favor of continuing to travel with, assault, and offer booze and narcotics to her.”

Aerosmith Singer Steven Tyler Accused Of Sexual Assault
Aerosmith Singer Steven Tyler Accused Of Sexual Assault

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Holcomb claims that by 1975, she was 17 years old and carrying Tyler’s child. After an apartment fire, Tyler allegedly told her to have an abortion, claiming the unborn child was suffering from a lack of oxygen, a claim that a medical expert refuted.

Holcomb claims that she debated ending the pregnancy but decided to do so after Tyler threatened to cut her off. She allegedly left Tyler soon after and returned to Portland to pick up the pieces of her life.

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