5-Year-Old Swept Away In California Floodwaters As California Prepares For Additional Days of Storms!

5-Year-Old Swept Away In California Floodwaters: According to officials, the search for 5-year-old Kyle Doan, who was snatched from his mother’s hands by flooding waters on Monday, continued on Friday but with fewer teams. Searchers from the National Guard and other outside agencies have been relieved of their duties, while members of the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Office Dive Team, the Sheriff’s Search and Rescue Team, and California Highway Patrol aviation units are still looking for the youngster.

According to a news release from the authorities, searchers on Friday concentrated on the area where the San Marcos Creek in Central California feeds into the Salinas River. More than 200 individuals searched for Kyle on Thursday.

According to San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Office Chief Deputy Nate Paul, search teams from various counties went “bank to bank,” examining brush piles for any evidence that would lead them to the child as dive teams looked below the water’s surface.

According to officials, the blonde child with hazel eyes was washed away on Monday near San Miguel. Since then, the relentless weather that has been pummeling California has made it difficult for search teams to find him. Teams have had to comb through mountains of mud and debris.

There are signs that the search by the authorities is successful: According to Paul, teams have discovered tangible objects from the SUV Kyle and his mother were traveling in on Monday morning.

The region experienced a little break from the nonstop rain on Thursday, which was a crucial day in the search because the rain is expected to resume on Friday. “Hope is still alive. Until Kyle is located, we will continue our search and keep this case open as a missing person.

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Almost 16 Million Will Be Under Flood Advisories

5-Year-Old Swept Away In California Floodwaters
5-Year-Old Swept Away In California Floodwaters

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The storm on Friday is the most recent in a string of storms that have pounded the state in recent days and claimed at least 19 lives. It’s just the start of what should be another challenging weekend. From Saturday until at least Sunday, over 16 million people are subject to flood warnings along much of Central California’s coastline and valley.

At a news conference on Friday, Nancy Ward, director of the California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services, noted that these storms were among the deadliest natural disasters in our state’s recent history. “We are actively working with the officials in Monterey County, Santa Cruz, and Merced, areas we expect to continue to be vulnerable to these next two to three storm systems,” the statement continued, “and to include the risk of a complete shut off of the Monterey Peninsula.”

6,000 people were told to evacuate as of Friday, according to officials. According to David Lawrence of the National Weather Service, the average amount of rain that has fallen across the state during the last 18 days is 9 inches.

According to Lawrence, “several regions… have already experienced their yearly rainfall.” The storm that is likely to bring widespread severe rain, snow, and wind to various regions from Saturday night into Sunday should be the main emphasis, he stressed.

Sheriff Tina Nieto stated on Thursday that the Salinas River was anticipated to flood through Sunday in Monterey County, which is located immediately north of San Luis Obispo.

According to the sheriff, authorities anticipate travel delays brought on by river changes as well as a dangerous water flow, depending on how much extra rain the region receives. Additionally, she warned that certain communities could lose access to crucial services due to the flooding and urged inhabitants to prepare for evacuation.

The river was 1.5 feet above flood level at 24.5 feet at midday on Friday, according to the National Weather Service. Later on Friday, a peak height of 24.9 feet was anticipated.

Atmospheric rivers, which are extended, slender areas of the atmosphere that can transport moisture hundreds of kilometers, will accompany the rain. Thousands of Californians were forced to flee their homes earlier this week due to atmospheric river occurrences that caused devastating flooding and mudslides.

On Friday, an atmospheric river is predicted to batter the northern and central California coast. Mayor Karen Bass of Los Angeles issued a local emergency because this weekend’s weather is expected to be severe and past storm damage has already occurred.

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