5.4 Magnitude Earthquake Strikes Near Rio Dell Humboldt County In Northern California, USGS Says!

5.4 Magnitude Earthquake Strikes Near Rio: The U.S. Geological Survey reports that an earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 5.4 occurred on Sunday in Humboldt County, Northern California.

At a depth of 17.3 miles, 9.3 miles southeast of Rio Dell, the earthquake hit at 10:35 a.m. This occurred about two weeks after a strong 6.4 earthquake in Northern California’s Humboldt County left two people dead and roughly a dozen others injured. It damaged many things.

There haven’t been any significant injuries or damage reported as of yet. However, according to Caltrans, State Route 211 in Fernbridge, Humboldt County, is shut down as officials inspect the area for damage.

While we conduct safety inspections following today’s New Year’s Day earthquake, the bridge is closed. Rio Dell is once more without power, according to Michelle Bushnell, the 2nd District Supervisor for Humboldt County, who spoke to Liz Kreutz of ABC7.

And based on the “orange squares” in the Rio Dell region of the PG&E power map, there are at least 500 to 4,999 people without power.

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Gage Dupper, whose house was rocked off its foundation during the December 6.4 earthquake, texted Liz Kreutz to share what happened, writing.

“I’m still on the go right now. Rio Dell is without electricity, but the water is still there. Today was yet another significant one. I continue to feel as though we are shaking. It seems that nothing goes well for us.”

“I’m in Fortuna working. A nearby town. However, even from here, it seemed as though the ceiling would collapse. Here too, we almost lost electricity.

5.4 Magnitude Earthquake Near Rio Dell
5.4 Magnitude Earthquake Strikes Near Rio Dell

Image Source: SFGate

I was chatting to a resident of the senior care facility I worked for when it started, and you could see the panic in their eyes. All she wanted to do was pay her rent. We were thrown around a bit.”

According to Rio Dell Police Chief Greg Allen, Sunday’s 5.4 earthquakes did cause several homes to be shaken off their foundations and other structural harm. There have been no reports of injuries, though.

The moment a 5.4 earthquake shook Humboldt County on New Year’s Day is captured on surveillance footage taken inside the Rio Dell Police Department and retrieved by ABC7.

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