What Is Sienna Mae Gomez’s Age? How Did She Start Her Social Media Career?

American dancer and TikTok celebrity Sienna Mae Gomez rose to fame for her body-positive dance videos. She has almost 21.7 million followers across her two TikTok accounts.

Celebrities have applauded her efforts, including American musician Lizzo, who wrote, “Body positivity has entered the discussion” in one of her videos. Under the handles siennamaesmom and siennamaesdad, her parents are also active users on TikTok.

What Is Sienna Mae Gomez’s Age?

As of 2022, Sienna Mae Gomez is 18 years old. She stands 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighs approximately 62 kilograms. Her hair is a light brown color, and she has brown eyes.

Where Did Sienna Mae Gomez Get Her Education?

Sienna Mae Gomez, born on January 16, 2004, will be 18 years old in 2022. She was raised and lived her entire youth in Laguna Niguel, California, the United States, where she was born. Her nationality is American, and she identifies as a Christian.

At a nearby elementary school, Sienna studied during her formative years. After finishing middle school, she attended Great Oak High School in her community to finish high school. Along with her academic accomplishments, she has received extensive dancing instruction. James and Jack Wright, two well-known TikTok brothers, were classmates of hers in school.

Who Are Sienna Mae Gomez’s Parents?

Dina Gomez is Siena Mae Gomez’s mother, and Ramon M. Gomez is her father. Although the young celebrity was born and nurtured in America, her parents were foreign-born citizens. Her mother is of Russian ethnicity, whereas his father is of Mexican ancestry.

His father is a merchant by trade. Her mother, on the other hand, stays at home. The child celebrity has three siblings: Micaela Drew Gomez, Jacob Gomez, and a third younger brother whose information isn’t readily available online.

According to the research, she is not the only member of her family to enjoy such high online fame. Jacob has a sizable following on Instagram thanks to his photography abilities. However, he also has a TikTok channel for his parents, @siennamaesmom, and @siennamaesdad.

How Did She Start Her Social Media Career?

What Is Sienna Mae Gomez's Age?
What Is Sienna Mae Gomez’s Age?

She used to upload random photos to her 2016-created Instagram account before becoming famous on Tiktok. Her very first image was of a rural area in Arizona. After some time, her pals suggested she sign up for TikTok because of her excellent acting abilities. She then started producing Tiktok Videos.

Her Tiktok account currently has more than 8 million active followers. In addition, she has more than 200,000 subscribers to her Youtube channel and more than a million followers on Instagram.

When you add up all these followers, you can see how much money she makes by providing promotional content, product reviews, and other things on her social media pages. Additionally, she benefits from the Youtube Ad revenue since each video receives a sizable number of views.

She is also working with well-known entertainment companies for which she has been appointed a spokesperson. She also hopes to win an Oscar and become a famous actress. She is, therefore, diligently working on that as well.

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What Is Sienna Mae Gomez’s Net Worth?

Sienna Mae Gomez’s net worth is anticipated to surpass $1 million by 2022. From her accounts on TikTok, Instagram, and other social media platforms, she has made the entire sum.

In addition, she frequently had brand deals, sponsorships, and promotional content coming her way to make a sizable sum of money. She’s also working on her acting abilities, so it’s feasible that one day she’ll break through as an actress and start making more money for the same reasons.

What Happen To Sienna Mae Gomez?

A Hype House member named Jack Wright has accused social media star Sienna Mae Gomez, 17, of sexually abusing him. Both were friends who posted videos of themselves dancing together on their TikTok accounts. These videos earned positive feedback from fans.

After a few months, this changed when Sienna started having physical contact with Jack despite his protests that he didn’t enjoy it. Jack allegedly told her she was a buddy he didn’t want to connect with that way. Despite this, they created recordings of their kissing and cuddling, distributed them online, and claimed that Jack was forced to produce them.

After his friends and family took matters into their own hands, Jack concluded that he had to take action. Mason Rizzo published numerous screenshots from his Notes app showing Sienna verbally abusing several other men. They ultimately decided to deal with the issue offline. Therefore, this was removed from the online platforms.

Mason Rizzo said, “I find it difficult to witness a female getting praise after urging my best buddy to kill himself and continuously assaulting him sexually after he established boundaries and wondering why ‘he doesn’t like you back.” In addition to “prioritizing the growth of her brand,” she has a history of “verbally abusing people” both while she was in high school and in Los Angeles, where she currently resides.

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